Sunday, December 05, 2010

Joys of blogging

You've all heard me ranting about kind blogger's and how rewarding blogging is. Blog posts and comments have made me smile numerous times and made me forget about negative life happenings. Once again this has come to be. I spent the past few days busy as a bee decorating, shopping and visiting our mom's only to be left feeling less than happy. After settling in last night I thought I'd read email and browse some blogs.
I received such a sweet email from Joanie, who recently visited my favorite shop, Tisha's Needlework Emporium. In hopes of not embarrassing her I would like to share a bit of her message.It started out like this~
If your ears are tingling it's because you were the topic of conversation a few days ago..During my visit to Tisha's little treasure of a store in Metamora Tisha showed us some of your crazy quilt pieces. The purses are lovely and the covered bead is so pretty. Loved them all. Your work is a real inspiration. She told us about you and your mom coming to her store a few months ago. Since I have a copy of your book I took it with me and Tisha and I drooled over every page. You are a real inspiration to an avid "crazy" like me.

Then continued to say...

I had never heard of a blog until one of my "crazy" friends told me how to get on yours. While reading your blog I have "clicked on" lots of other sites you mention. I'm addicted! Having so much fun and seeing so much eye-candy. Now I love my computer. Thank you for your wonderful blogs - you brighten my day.
Apparently I was a topic of discussion and Joanie (who I hope to meet one day) emailed to tell me. What a way to make ones day! Not that I crave flattery, but when your world begins turning gray, sunshine is welcome, you know what I mean? That was so sweet of Joanie to take the time to email and describe her adventure to Tisha's. I only wish I could have been there to meet her and give Tisha a hug.

Just another example of how blogging touches people in positive ways and brightens days that seem to be dimming as each second passes. As soon as I read that I had forgotten about my solemn mood and jotted back an email then I wrapped some gifts and gathered my stitching and finished a project...
my day(evening) was sunny again! Thanks Joanie and all you bloggers and blog "lurkers"out there who send uplifting notes, leave comments, and enjoy sharing in blog-land.

This morning I surfed a few blogs before printing off some pictures for mom and visited Diane's blog,"Pinecones & Roses". I caught a post on her blog last week where she shared a small collection of her Christmas tree brooches and remembered that I had one that would fit into her collection. I asked for her address and off it went. Not thinking about it, it was sort of a "Pay it forward" in a way.
A few weeks ago Lynn of "Trash to Treasure Art" was offering a giveaway on her blog. I saw the little frozen Charlottes and asked if she sold them, well, she didn't however in my mail arrived a little bag of them. They arrived during another hectic time (I seem to have more than my share lately) and turned my frown upside down. Thank you so much for your generosity Lynn. Your kindness is not unappreciated and forgive me for not getting a timely" thank you" out. I love the "little ones" and have them in a cup in my studio waiting for a special project. Hugs to you.

I hope you all enjoy your Sunday and if you have snow, make a snowman!


  1. I enjoyed reading some of your post. How impressive that you are not only talked about, but that she took the time to write to you.

    Writing notes has become a treasured love of the past.

  2. What goes around comes around and you are so kind and generous with your words and your deeds that it is only natural and kindness and generosity comes your way

    Your blog lights up, not only my life but dozens more I suspect.

    You are a national treasure

  3. A very beautiful post and beautiful reminder of what is really important in and friendship...and kindness!

  4. Paying it forward is always a very heartwarming feeling. You have always been so kind and generous it is only fitting that your fans tell you so. Happy sunshine to you...

  5. Great post Pat. As you know I was a bit of a negative ninny very recently and feel the same way about your supportive comments. They were much appreciated and helped lift my spirit. You are always an inspiration! Connie

  6. I know what you mean, Pat. When you discover that you have touched someone's heart or inspired them, all without even trying means everything.

  7. While stitching or pondering on something to stitch is my favorite thing to do, sometimes I'm too tired and reading blogs or emails is just the thing sometimes to put your mind elsewhere and in a better frame. I've even got a file in my favorites for "inspiring and uplifting blogs"!

  8. Bloging has added so many wonderful things to my life as well!! WOnderful friends - some who I have been lucky enough to meet fabulous art and techniques and pure joy!! SO often it offers me needed perspective to think about how very blessed I am despite a current mode or event!!! Big Happy hugs to you dear friend!! WOuld love to see you wonderful little frozen charlottes!!! Hugs to your mum too!I hope that she is continueing to feel more like herself!!!


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