Wednesday, December 01, 2010

It's December!

December 1st and we awoke to a beautiful blanket of pristine glistening snow. I shudder when I think I was on the beach just the morning before...crazy...crazy...crazy! (but fun)

I decorated outside a bit and DH put the tree on the back porch...its still waiting for me. I just wasn't in the mood to decorate it today. I found myself alone for the better part of the day so I made sausage lasagna and yeast rolls and I had to try a new mix for chocolate lava cupcakes. I made them in mini loaf pans instead of round cupcakes and placed them on a pretty paper doily lined plate. The presentation didn't excite DH much but maybe DS & his girlfriend will appreciate it????
Speaking of girlfriend, the girlfriend pouches are ready to add cording (or) straps to so that will be my evening project while watching Hellcats. I really enjoy that show.

I took mom shopping on Monday and she enjoyed a day out just browsing different shops. I discovered Tam Tams...a cookie from Australia by Pepperidge Farms. OMG! This will be my first and last package because I could easily make a meal of them. I am starting back to the health club in Jan and that is the only reason I refuse to stash these treats and devour them myself. The only other items I bought were a few rolls of Christmas wrapping ...whoopee! I just didn't see anything interesting. I may have to shop online or go to Merrillville or South Bend. Laney.....where are yooooouuuuu?????

So, it was an uneventful day , just domestic stuff. Enjoyable but dull. Maybe tomorrow the tree will go up???? We shall see.
Have a great evening and keep warm.


  1. Still NO SNOW here in Mid-MO, thank goodness.
    However, today was soooo cold it froze my ears. Where, oh, where are my knit hats?
    Holiday Hugs,

  2. Can't wait ti see those pouches! The images of the lovely ladies you show here today are so sweet...I love an old fashioned Christmas!

  3. We had a foot of snow for Thanksgiving and not wanting to hog it all I sent some across country to you. My tree is up and decorated, wreath on the door and a few more things to do... so I guess for the first time I am ahead of the game. So glad to hear your mom is doing well. Hugs, Sharon

  4. Most of the Uk is covered in snow but not in my tiny corner. We have arctic winds from the sea so it's ffffrrreezing cold.
    I can,t wait to see the pouches.
    Warm cinnamon smiles, Angela.

  5. Look forward to seeing the pouches and the tree! I always love to see the snow glistening - so serene. We don't see much of this here on the west coast and I imagine you get rather tired of it as the season progresses...


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