Thursday, December 02, 2010

Finished Girlfriend pouches

I completed eight of the nine girlfriend pouches last night and put them in my etsy shop this morning. Whew! Those were quite a lot more work than I had anticipated. I really enjoyed adding the finishing touches last night and stayed up until midnight doing so. I dyed matching cording for each then added a few coordinating beads on the flaps to keep them closed. When I added each hand dyed vintage crocheted doily to each back I left the top unattached to use as a lace pocket for tissues,coupons, etc. Double duty,two compartments are better than one right?
Some doilies were placed on an odd angle because of their shape which only adds to the quirkiness. You know me and perfection...I'm allergic to it :-)
These are completed except for the little "Girlfriend" label which will go on the back of each.

Periwinkle/dusty rose/mint green (Snorts when she laughs)

Orchid/Pink/green (Always lets you be you)
Purple (more purple than blue as in pic)/dark mint green (Never questions your decisions)
Fuchsia/Aqua/Lime (Always has her game face on)Purple/green (Will tell you if you look fat in that dress) I love this doily!!! Aqua/Lime (Runs with scissors)
Purple w/Lime (Eats desert first)
Orange/Aqua/Lime "Tattles"
I am finishing a blue/light wine pouch soon.
That's it for today! I think the tree will go up today.....................


  1. Hi Pat,
    Well they were worth the wait. Your purses are exquisite, I love them all.
    Enjoy your tree dressing.
    Best wishes, Angela.

  2. They just leave me speechless.

  3. Ohhhhh! What a beauties.I've seen my favorite color.
    Wow! PINK! Well done!

  4. The Girlfriend Pouches are just gorgeous! I love the way you've created them.

  5. Absolutely great Pat! I love the doilies on the back - each one is perfect.

  6. Pat your girlfriend pouches are exquisite. I can definitely see they are a labor love. Happy restful weekend to you...

  7. I love your girlfriend pouches!!they're beautiful!! have a wonderful weekend. Wendy

  8. Pat these are so fun! I love all the colors but surprisingly enough I like the aqua and lime the best. Have fun!

  9. OMG! Pat, these are just phenomenally beautiful!!!!

  10. I love how you use the crocheted doilies. They are all so beautiful but I do have a favourite. Gorgeous!!

  11. These are beautiful Pat! I can see the amount of work in each one - lovely stitching! I seem to recognize some of these doilies - so pleased to see they are being used!

  12. Where does one begin??? I always love your boho colors and encrustings! These are too beautiful, Pat! And what makes them really fun and a head above anyone else's....the little sayings you added! So cute! Definitely for girlfriends.

  13. Your purses are fab!! You have such a great eye for colors that work together. You just do good work period! We need to dye fabric together-HINT HINT!! I was going to the beach tomorrow morning but its suposed to s--- tonite. If I don't say it maybe it won't-LOL.
    Sure not ready for winter this year.


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