Thursday, December 16, 2010

Felted Holiday brooches

I finished up some Holiday felted brooches this afternoon. I had a small piece of a vintage wedding dress tucked away in my laces and it finally found a home on one of the brooches. I would have loved to see the entire wedding dress in person. It is a heavy type of lace and perhaps the prettiest I have seen.
The second little brooch has a small vintage lace bordering the center image of a girl in a muff. I felted a couple of red flowers in opposite corners.
The last brooch is freestyle with chiffon and lace spilling from the bottom edge. It was embellished with tiny red sequin hearts,snowflake sequins, silk ribbon,beads and tiny lace.
A surprise package arrived yesterday from a sweet friend from Canada (photos shared tomorrow) Inside I found stash items including the pretty sequins used on the brooches. They certainly added a special touch. Thank you dear friend!!!!
That was all I accomplished today. Tomorrow is mom's 80th birthday so you know where I will be. Enjoying her company, eating cake and counting blessings. Angell will be 14 Saturday and we celebrate our 30th Anniversary. Hard to believe.
Saturday I have plans for shopping with Laney. Last minute gift buying and just hanging out is what we planned.
Busy weekend...hope you enjoy yours.


  1. Pretty brooches! Please wish your mom a very happy special birthday tomorrow, give Angell a special treat, and happy anniversary to you! Sounds like a weekend full of celebrations!!

  2. Did you felt everything to wool,or do you hand sew it? They are so pretty.I want to try to make one.You sound like a fun time. Laura Q

  3. So very gorgeous and petite! Just darling!

  4. Oh, that wedding dress lace is just gorgeous! It's so fun to find just the perfect spot to put something precious like that in your work. Lots of celebrations for you and yours -- enjoy them all!

  5. blinkbonniefarm7:47 AM CST

    They are gorgeous! Happy Birthday to your Mom and Angell and Happy Anniversary to you both. --Pat

  6. The brooches are exquisite!
    Fabulous lace and trimmings!
    Happy Birthday to your Mom and dear little Angell!
    Happy Anniversary to You and Hubby too!
    Not to mention a very Happy Holiday Season!

    Bless you Pat for bringing such Joy to mine and other bloggers' lives.


    Sandie xx

  7. Pat, these brooches are wonderful! Such sweet details. Have a fabulous weekend celebrating your mom's birthday (HaPpY BiRthDaY!!!!), Angell's birthday and your anniversary. Wow ~ so much to celebrate, so enjoy cake and fun times! ~ Angela

  8. So much to celebrate! Congrats on all counts. Your brooches are absolutely wonderful. You are just so creative and talented. Hope you all have a Merry Christmas! Connie

  9. Absolutely gorgeous Pat! As always. Wish your mom a Happy Birthday!
    Hugs, Pam

  10. Happy Anniversary, Pat! I just had to share this with you: the other day I was talking on the phone to my 5 year old grandson and he asked me if I remembered Snowman Soup! That was two years ago, so thanks for creating a memory that lasted!


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