Sunday, November 21, 2010

Playing with bugs at 3 am????

After a long day of visiting with mom and MIL I ended up with a headache. Not because they stressed me out but because I forgot to eat all day. I picked up a pizza on the way home and hoped it would help if I ate something. I was going to spend some time at my friend Karen's house watching her and Laney make cookies and gab a bit but I ended up going to sleep early with a headache. Now it is 2:46 and I am wide headache.
So what do you quietly do so early in the morning? Play with bugs of course! I grabbed my bug speckled brocades and beads and began outlining them in beads. Then I added Rose Montees for body definition. I thought I would do a few of these to add to my stash. They will be ready to add to a CQ project with embellishing already complete.
Well what else can I do when everyone is sleeping? See ya later, I have to go finish the purple one, shhhhhhhhhhhhh......................


  1. Good Morning, Pat. I've missed so much this week! It's been a busy painting time for me and I've just crashed on the couch each evening with a book to relax.
    You beat the Not-Able-to-Sleep-Blues the best way! Creatively! I do that in the summer when my studio is comfy. In the winter the heat's turned down and it's so hard to get out of a warm bed even though I'm tossing and turning.
    The butterflies are gorgeous. Your color choices are always so beautiful and bohemian.
    Hugs, have a wonderful Sunday.

  2. hahahah
    I hear ya Pat,
    Been there ....done that!
    But I must say working in the wee hours is very peaceful and quiet.
    I have been busy with a couple of artist's sales so I have not had much time to blog, but I did want to say how happy I was to hear your Mom and MIL are both doing better.. Blessings all around .
    Don't forget to eat!

  3. I just did that the other day, nothing worse than a headache. I wonder around the house and then go into my play room and organize! Love the butterflys now go eat!


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