Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Not ungrateful, just busy!

I have not been home very much lately let alone online for more than a few minutes at a time and I didn't get to thank everyone who voted for my Christmas stocking. Thanks to you I won the challenge and I'm very excited. I love the new magazine ,"Creating Vintage Charm" so naturally I had to enter the challenge using one of two images provided in the magazine. This was my first CQ stocking and it was fun to work on something different and quite a challenge since I had very little time to dream up and execute this project.
So thank you so much for your vote and very kind comments. I'm looking forward to the next issue already!
Some sweet images for you...


  1. Your Stocking was /is wonderful and you so deserved to win!!! yOU AHVE BEEN CRAZY BUSY with lots on your mind!!! Being on the computer eats lots of time- take care of yourself and your Mom your friends will always be waiting for you!!!!
    Big Hugs dear Girl!!!

  2. Congratulations,
    The stocking was beautiful and since you did not have a lot of time to work on it. The design just came from your soul. You always do lovely work and thanks for the images!

  3. Congratulations Pat. Your work is always so beautiful.
    Take care of yourself and your family for that is the most important job you have. CQ is your most important creative pleasure. Happy Autumn...

  4. wow, you certainly have been busy! your quilt is stunning beyond measure - I would love to see it hanging on my wall:)
    thanks for sharing the images!

  5. Congratulations Pat! Considering the speed with which you made your entry you must be even more excited about winning. Yay for you!!

  6. Congratulations Pat - a win most deserving as your stocking was gorgeous!

  7. You did a wonderful job Pat!! I loved your stocking. I am hoping to be mailing out your package this week. Been crazy busy here too working on the holiday issue!! Almost done!!


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