Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Life interrupted

I'm afraid I don't have anything good to report on my MIL's health. She is still in the hospital and her son's are arriving daily. I'm afraid it doesn't look very good right now.

If that weren't enough to worry about, mom, my brother and I contracted a bacteria from the rehab facility and have been very ill since Saturday. Much worse than any flu and something I would not wish on an enemy. Fast and furious is all I can say. DH has been my doctor over the weekend and it was nice to have fresh cold water brought up when I needed it and I sure drank a lot trying not to dehydrate. I saw those consequences a few months ago! No thank you! At least I feel like a person today and not a rag doll. Another day of rest and I should be able to get back in the daily grind however slowly for a while.
Mom has a Dr. appointment tomorrow and hopefully can discontinue the blood thinner injections. My younger brother who wasn't ill had to take over her care including shots and that was fine with me. I hate giving shots and hope I never have to do it again....but I will I the need arises.

This whole ordeal supports my motto: Live each day fully as if it were your last and never put off tomorrow what you could do today. Your whole world can change in a heartbeat. Appreciate when things are going smoothly and always look on the bright side because there is always a brighter side although you may have to look harder at times.

The past few months have been quite a battle and learning experience for me. I've just been very fortunate not to have dealt with such things for the most part. I just hoped they wouldn't all flood together without a moment to catch my breath. But hey, such is life right?

I'm not all bad news today.....I do have something enlightening to share. Check out this new page on art-e-zine that the awesome Gillian put together of my little felted brooches . Gillian always does such a super job arranging pieces. Thank you Gillian! If you enjoy art-e-zine you can make a donation and receive several vintage images to use in your work as a gift. I think art-e-zine is such a treasure trove of various art to inspire us all. It offers free tutorials, eye candy galore, you get to learn about new methods and artists and they even have a boutique where you can purchase beautiful hand made art. It is among my top favorite sites, and not because I have a few pages and tutorials there. It is very welcoming and just a beautiful place to visit.

Back to life and the present.....I'm hanging in there. Thanks for all the supportive notes you have sent. I appreciate them all and no worries about me ok? I'll be back in full force soon enough. Perhaps even in the mood for a little vino!
Have a great day and squeeze in some fun if you can!


  1. Missed your outlook on life lately and am glad things are looking up for you and your mom. Take care, rest up and feel better.

  2. Pat, I'm so sorry you have had to go through so much, especially all at once. I'm pleased to hear you are on the mend. My prayers go out to you all that your lives can all get back to a happy normal soon. Take care, Connie

  3. So sorry to hear you are sick also... Everyday that I visit the nursing home I worry about the monster bacteria that are emerging... There's some truth to the saying "when it rains, it pours.." Hang in there Pat and DRINK WATER, WATER, WATER....

    Hugs Gerry K.

  4. Oh Pat, you really have a full plate right now. I will keep all of you in my prayers.

  5. So sorry for everything you are dealing with all at once. Hope you feel better very soon. On a happy note, I used some of your beautiful silk ribbon you sent me yesterday and it stitches up beautifully. Hugs.

  6. blinkbonniefarm12:32 PM CST

    Pat, I'm so sorry you are feeling bad and also your MIL, Mom and Brother. Oh dear, what an awful thing to happen when you are there for your Mom's care and then you all get sick. Remember to help them, you have to take care of yourself first so rest and take care of you! Easy to say and hard to do, I know. --Pat

  7. Oh Pat!
    my heartfelt good wishes and for renewed strength and vigor!
    get better soon.

  8. You poor thing-gosh I wish I could help. Yes, life can change in a moment. Scarey isn't it. I do so hope you get better soon. Don't get dehydrated. Even if you drink a ounce or 2 every 15 mon. that will help. Prays for you and your family--Leslie

  9. Wow, that is a lot to deal with. I worry most about your mother. Those bacterial infections can really get you down. I am sure you have seen more of your bathroom than you want. You weren't in there thinking about redecorating either.

  10. I'm sorry things are coming at you from all sides!My thoughts are with you.

  11. Prayers for each of you. Sorry to hear of the extra added bacterias. Quick mend for all. Life is so precious...

  12. Pat I just took a look at Gillians fabulous spread on your felted brooches. Excellent!

  13. aaaw Pat - consider yourself hugged, because you certainly need lots of them right now.

  14. Sending Best Wishes for a return to good health for all. Do take care.

  15. Oh Pat,
    I'm so sorry to hear about your MIL also your illness, gosh when it rains it poors. I so agree with live your life to its fullest, we never know how much time we have! With what I had just gone through I'm living proof!

    Thanks so much for entering my giveaway and best of luck, I'll be sending that little something I told you about next week!
    Feel better!
    hugs Lynn

  16. Pat, Sending hugs to you all from across the Pacific, sounds like Murphy's Law in action to me.
    Hope everyone gets better soon,
    Christine in Sydney Australia

  17. Healing thoughts and Blessings coming your way from the UK


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