Monday, November 15, 2010

Kickin' it with Jilly and studio ambience

Yesterday Jilly kidnapped me and took me on a wild ride to South Bend. We stopped at Erica's and I found a product I have been looking for...more on that later. Then we went to a few book stores searching for magazines, Hancock fabric where I found a pretty burnout velvet, then we stopped at her daughter's place and all of us headed to a really cool shop. I found wonderful shabby items and some yummy honey and vitamin C heart shaped jelly beans. Whew! It was a non stop fun time. Thanks Jilly, I did need that.

Today I mailed off the commission CQ. I checked it over, rolled the front and back with a tacky roller and placed pink bubble wrap on top as I rolled it around a tube then wrapped it in tissue. The rest of the wrapping will be done by the gals at the UPS store.I worked so long on this CQ that I was almost emotional standing at the counter waiting for the packing to be completed . They do such a great job and I mail all large items there. Besides, I know the owners and they are sweet gals who take care with my things.

So, it is gone and I really am glad it is on its way but also a bit sad knowing I won't see it ever again. :-(

I'm going to jump back into finishing a doll project that should have been finished long ago. I keep forgetting all the stuff I've been through since Aug 29th and wonder why I don't have more done. Then my memory comes back and I wonder why I'm still standing,LOL.

I took mom shopping this morning after mailing the CQ. She is doing so well and we are both relieved and hoping all of that is behind us. Just getting out together was almost surreal. It has been so long.

So here I sit typing in my studio which I just added some much needed ambience. Want a peek?

My beloved floral paper lanterns are now hanging above my work table . Just enough soft light to blog with when insomnia hits and not enough to disturb DH when he is sleeping across the hall. No glaring bulbs which is needed while gathering and sewing, just a soft cozy glow. I could stay in here all evening....................................where is my tea?


  1. I would never have thought of paper lanterns but you are so right about the ambiance they give. Couldn't do that in my studio unfortunately - I'm tall and my ceiling is low.

  2. I would have a hard time parting with the CQ looks so pretty...but the new owner will be so proud of it I'm sure.

    I am fortunate that our den it on th other side of our house from our Master the lights on in here do not bother I am up EVERY SINGLE night of the world...due to my Fibro...and the inablitly to sleep more than a few hours at a stretch.

    Your mom is so fotunate to have such a devoted daughter...I know it must feel GREAT to back in the swing of things again with each other.


  3. Your studio is a Magic Cave.What a creative space to work in.

    I would find it impossible to part with your quilt after so many months of stitching.Golly, I would be knocked out to own such a TREASURE. Keep happy.Glad you had some Fun Respite with your friend.

  4. Hi Pat
    I would feel emotional too if I had to part with that beautiful quilt... What a work of love.
    Your studio is wonderful, love the lanterns

  5. Does Angell stay up when you're up....? Morris is always tucked at my feet until I go to bed and the companionship is so lovely.. What a fun day you had and aren't friends who are kidnappers great?

    Hug Gerry K.

  6. I can not imagine putting all that beautiful work into something and sending it off into the big world. I am certain part of your heart went with it. What a lovely cozy studio with your laterns. Anything that adds to the comfort level is so worth it. These not only add to comfort they look good too!


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