Monday, November 22, 2010

Guess where I have been?

Well.....I have been to the beach with mom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This morning was so warm but I heard it was supposed to rain so I hurried up with housework and waited for daylight to hop over to the beach. My work was done and I was letting Angell out to potty before leaving when down came the rain. Phooey! So I called mom to see if she needed anything from the store, she did and we went running. I found a new comforter set for DS and some curtains to black out the light. He watches more movies now with his new TV so I thought new curtains would eliminate the glare.
Anyway after shopping I dropped mom off and when I returned home the rain had stopped and it was beautiful again, 68 degrees!!!! I called mom and told her I would be there after putting away my things and toss the new bedding in the washer. Off I went trying to beat any more rain...we made it to the beach and although the sun wasn't quite shining, it was beautiful.

The first thing I found was a piece of shell, then a clear piece, then I gasped and grabbed a purple piece (grandma) then gasped again and plucked up a blue piece (dad) behind the purple one. I couldn't believe both were in the same place. Mom was beside me and we were so excited we hugged,LOL. We stayed close together today because if mom were to fall she could bleed uncontrollably while on her current meds. Besides, she is still gaining her strength and might have needed support.
She found some glass and collected her favorite smooth white stones. It was so nice to be together on the beach again.
It looks cold in this picture but it was just right. Mom is just being extra careful.
Mom's little footprints in the sand as we are leaving.
These were my findings for the day.
I just had to update those of you who kept up with my posts on mom's health. It looks like she is well on her way to recovery and many more strolls on the shore.
A very sunny day without any sun in the sky!


  1. (smile)When I commented earlier today, I almost added, "when you go to the beach today, let me be a little birdie on your shoulder". But I didn't, feeling a bit foolish to even think of it, but I do love the Dunes and it was such a balmy day already this morning that I knew you would go. Glad to hear your mum got to go too and you found your favorite treasures!

  2. Hi Pat. So happy to hear that you and your mom got to have together time! And such special finds that that y'all found happiness just waiting to be discovered! I am still slow in recovering and hope to be photographing and blogging again soon. Especially since my first blog post will be to share my beautiful prize from your recent giveaway! Such a gorgeous creation which I truly do treasure ~ many thanks to you! I also read your last post and so enjoyed seeing the progress on your latest creations. Love the colors and your keen attention to detail. Hope your week is wonderful. ~ Angela

  3. I'm so glad you got that walk with your Mom you sound so happy! Glad you two had a good walk!

  4. It warms my heart to hear you AND YOUR MOM are able to have a beach day ! ! !


  5. Good news - so glad to hear that your Mom felt like a beach walk and that you found so many treasures. Hooray!!

  6. So very happy to hear that your Mum is improving and felt up to a lovely Beach Walk today. Hurray!! And you were rewarded with some very special finds!
    Check out the Giveaway on my Blog. It closes this Thursday...

  7. Pat, so happy that you were able to go to the beach with your Mom today! Glad she is feeling better. Your purple and blue glass finds are wonderful! Lucky you to be able to find such goodies. I live too far from the beach and when I do get there I never find any glass!!!!! Happy Thanksgiving. Deb

  8. What a sweet day! Thank you for sharing that beach glass. I have heard about it forever and have never, ever found a piece myself. I live on the Pacific side of the country and it just this minute dawned on me that maybe you only find sea glass on the Atlantic shore. Only took me 55 years - LOL!! Now I feel like a goof that I kept watching for it.

  9. Oh you have made me SMILE!!!! I am SO happy to hear this ~ and the purple and blue glass ~ that is no coincidence sweet girl!!!!
    WHAT a wonderful day!!!

  10. I'm really happy to hear you had a great time with your mom at the beach and to find a purple and blue glass is just such a happy sign.

  11. I knew the day would come Pat, when you and Mom could walk the beach again! I'm so excited for the both of you!

  12. Oh I am so thrilled for you and especailly your dear Mom!! She has had a rough haul and she so deserves a break and some fun!! Awalk on the beach was just the ticket!!!!
    That lavendar piece of glass is a real stunner. It looks like it might have been a piec fo lead crystal and very old. The lead in the glass turns purple that longer it is exposed to the sun. But then you probably already know this!!! So cool that you found blue and lavendar together!!!!!
    Have a very Wonderful Thanksgiving and give your Mum a big big hug for me!!!!

  13. Lovely - the footprints are dear.

  14. So lovely to see your Mom back on the beach, I'm sure the wonderful sea air will make her feel so much better and speed her recovery. How wonderful too to find such a special and rare piece of glass, here in the U.K. I have never found one that colour.

  15. OK, girlfriend, you know what's happening here in front of my computer, don't you? I'M SMILING A BIG HUGE SMILE AT YOU AND YOUR MOM!!!

    Wonderful! I've been waiting to hear this! God bless you both! So fabulous to see that you've been out to the beach together. She must feel so happy after all she's been through to get outside again, especially with her sweet daughter.

    Hugs and love,

  16. How lucky you are to walk with mom and on the beach Have a great thanksgiving Laura

  17. A wonderful and blessings to share with your mother. So glad she was able to enjoy with her wonderful daughter.

  18. blinkbonniefarm8:43 AM CST

    Pat, I'm so glad your Mom is feeling well enough to go to the beach. It must have been a special day for both of you. -Pat

  19. I'm so glad you and your mom got to go to the beach!!! What a wonderful thing to do before winter sets in-which will be too soon I'm afraid. Hugs Leslie

  20. Footprints and finds at the beach with your mum - how much better can life get than this! These times are priceless! My mum died when I was only 18 so take these opportunities while you can. How far away from your home is the beach? Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog. You can be a winner of some of my fabrics or something else when we do a swap in the near future??? I'd be happy to be in this Pat.
    Love your Blog and your gorgeous
    All good wishes Pat.
    x Suzy

  21. So glad to hear this news Pat! It looks as though you had a happy visit to the beach and I am very glad for you that will have many more. This is a Happy Thanksgiving for you and your Mom!

  22. Dear Pat

    I almost cried when I read your note that you and Mom had gone to the beach. I bet you thought it would be next spring before you both could go again. I am so happy she is getting better. She had a terrible time. How fitting to find the blue and lavender pieces. Meant to be.

    I have read all your posts while we were fighting our own battles over in Chicago but hopefully have put all that behind us and are now in Florida. I say NO MORE DRS. for us.
    Hopefully for your family also.




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