Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Good morning!

As you can see I am obsessed with my studio lanterns. They were the first thing I turned on this morning. So calming.....................good thing it will be daylight in a few hours or I might just bask in the glow for hours and not accomplish anything today.
Would you believe all of my sewing is done standing in front of the sewing machine in that little space? I prefer standing to sitting when I am using the machine. Since I don't care much for machine sewing I get it out of the way quickly so I can gather and play with embellishments.
That two tier wire basket is one of my finds with Jilly on Sunday. So handy!

Today I am going to visit my MIL at the hospital. I may stop at Barnes & Noble to look for Christmas cards then I must finish up the doll project. Do any of you have ideas for long hair? I thought I would mix bead strands and fibers and lace. Does that sound too weird? Any ideas or links would be appreciated as I am not a doll maker. I am having fun with this one though because it is being made for an artist and she gave me free reign to do as I please.

Angell needs to go out which means I must start my day. Hope yours is great!


  1. Your studio is so beautiful and calming and organized I wisht ath I could transform mine jsut be looking at yours!! SIGH!!!
    As your doll is for an artist, I wa thinking about adding tiny rick rac to your "hair soup ". I know taht it will be wonderful whatever you do!!! have a happy Day and I hope that Your MIL is better!!!

  2. There are so many beautiful textured yarns available now- they make great hair...

  3. You may not consider yourself a dollmaker but the hair ideas you have sound wonderful! Love seeing the peek in your studio. So organized and ready to be messed up with creations. Hope your MIL is doing better and Mom too!

  4. I love your Chinese Lanterns! They must cast such a wonderful glow in the room. As far as doll hair, your idea sounds very interesting and I have nothing to offer. I have a friend who is a doll maker and I think she uses hats a lot. I hope you post your finished piece. Connie

  5. Sounds like a fun day and you did need it. Glad your mother feels better. Have you put a picture of the doll up? Did I miss that?

  6. Your studio is wonderful. The hair you describe for your doll sounds unique and super fun. Happy and creative week to you my dear...

  7. Pat, love your lights, and the studio is so cozy to begin with. Glad things are getting better for you and I do detect a bit more pep in your words.Debbie (Maine)

  8. Love the lanterns. Your studio is so neat. I wouldn't dare photograph mine....LOL


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