Saturday, November 20, 2010

Finished a project for a special friend

I'm sure many of you know of Her Majesty Margo, Margo Duke, the QUEEN of felting. A few years ago I came across her site and could not stop drooling at the beautiful airy felting she created. Her colors and imagination are amazing. When viewing her work you feel like you are in a magical fairyland. I can't describe the beauty of her work as you must see it for yourself to "feel" it. I had asked Margo a few questions about her work and felting and she generously sent me some goodies to play with. I was not soliciting or expecting freebies, I was flabbergasted to say the least. Beautiful colors of roving, fabric bits, fibers and silks dyed to perfection were in my hands to do with as I please.She even included instructions for wet felting which is so much fun. I couldn't touch the bag of treasure for months, they sat on display hoping some of Margo's talent had infused within the fancy fluff and I could work magic as well. I may not have worked magic but I sure had and continue to have tons of fun felting by hand and machine. It is even more freeing than crazy quilting if that could be possible. Since discovering Margo I have bought both books and read all info on her, yeah, kind of like a stalker,LOL. Well, I don't travel much, so she has no worries of me lurking behind bushes or anything....unless she moves to MI, IN or IL....possibly OH.

So, I recently received another load of absolutely magnificent goodies to play with and I decided it was long overdue to show my appreciation to this talented and generous woman/friend. Naturally I would never attempt to send the Queen something felted. I know she would not judge, but sending her something that is from my heart, seemed like a better idea. I thought an eyeglass/neck case could be useful so I chose an altered fairy lady made by Patty of Lisa's Altered Art,
and in photoshop I added a crown for "Her Majesty". That was fine but I remembered I had taken apart a vintage rhinestone bracelet I recently found at an antique shop. It resembled a row of crowns...perfect! I wanted something whimsical and this fit the bill. A large crown for a QUEEN! Margo loves all colors so I thought purple would be fine because purple is easy for me to work with and I love adding lime green when I can. I found the little round sequin applique in the scrap booking isle at Hobby Lobby. They have several colors and each bag offers 6 or 8 pieces.So here it is, finished last night and being mailed in a few minutes. I hope she enjoys it a fraction as much as I enjoy playing with her beautifully dyed goodies. Thank you" Her Majesty" for all you do.
If you want your own bags of magic, you can visit Margo's etsy shop here. Check out her blog for updated happenings and projects to inspire. As you have read, I am not soliciting for Margo, she doesn't even know I am blogging about her. I just like to share sources for dependable and quality supplies and you can't go wrong with Margo's offerings. If you love felting you should add her books to your library, you won't be sorry.
Book one
Book two
Have a great day! I'm off to visit two moms today :0-)


  1. How gorgeous!!! I am sure she will love it and it is fit for a queen.

  2. This signature piece of yours is beautiful and queenly special. Happy weekend to you...

  3. as always Pat,
    you do beautiful work!

  4. She will be thrilled with this piece of your beautiful work and it is something she can use as she works.

    I agree that she is a wonderful artist and I do have both her books. Now to do something with them - haha.



  5. This is absolutely gorgeous, so pretty.

  6. Margo is an absolute doll!! i was oh so very very fortunate to take a class form her as she lives just up the road a bit in Maryland. She is a delight with a wonderful Scottish accent and the most modest sef effacing personality. Her felted wool and silk fabrics and garments are just to die for. She gave us a little trunk show during our class break and many of us had a very hard time passing her samples around the room. we just wanted to sit and pet them!! Glorious!!! If you ever get a chance to meet her drop EVERYTHING and go!! She is a pure delight!!!
    She will adore your glasses case Pat . She will be over the mooon and totally smitten with your lovely work!!!

  7. Hi Hunny, i am back! And just wanted to say Thankyou so much for thinking of me (((Hugs))) xox

  8. Hi Pat,
    Yes I LOVE Margo and her work too. I have her books and lots of her goodies too.... she has fabulous died wool that I love to work with.
    Your gift to her is beautiful..... defintely fit for a queen.
    Thanks for sharing

  9. DIED wool!!!!!
    Good grief Charlie Brown!!!!
    I meant DYED!!!!!

  10. Absolutely beautiful work here - I can't recall if I have visited your blog before Pat but your work is so exquisite - inspiring for sure! I saw your link on Debby H.'s blog.
    Glad to have found you!


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