Friday, November 05, 2010

Finding time for play

Yesterday was one of those days you wish you could do over. It started at 4:00 am with a phone call from my MIL thinking having to go to the ER. No worries, she is fine. I won't go into the rest, just know that a certain therapist will be sporting a new you-know-what today. I'm riping her a new one, pardon my vulgarity. Argh!

So on to the fun stuff...before the day spun out of whack I was quietly enjoying some creative time in this wonderful mess...with these lovely dyed pieces...
A few days ago I was going through my digital downloaded sheets from Patty of Lisa's Altered Art (yes, I love her offerings) and came across a sheet of fun girlfriend images she altered and added humorous phrases to such as," tattles", "pees when laughs",etc. We can all use some humor right? Well I needed some humor so I printed them out on my cotton poplin and began collecting fabrics and the hand dyed crochet and lace bits I had hanging in the studio. Before long I had several pieced together. I gathered embellishments for one and had some fun.
I started with the whimsical image and chose fabrics to coordinate. I used solid fabrics to embellish or add GLITZ, and each received a fancy fabric for a little GLAM. Each will be backed with the dyed lace and lace will also be the flap. The dyed laces are old pieces I gave new life to and they will represent "Old and treasured friendships". They will be titled,"Girlfriend pouches" . Something you would give a close friend or family member who enjoys a bit of vintage and humor to be used for hands free shopping when you two go out and about shopping. They are a little larger than my neck pouches with plenty of room for essentials. I'm just having fun with these and making them a little "Bohemian" because when kicking it with friends, you gotta relax and be carefree can still do it in style :-)
Thank you Patty for inspiring yet another ton of fun in my studio. I really need this!
Today mom escapes from the rehab facility and not a day too soon. I will spare you the horror stories because I am just grateful she is alive. (not kidding)
Make it a great day!


  1. I think you have had your fill of hospitals and health care facilities. Hope Mom settles in and continues to imrpove. The girlfriend bags look like they will be beautiful and so much fun to carry!

  2. You must be a machine that keeps on ticking! How on earth do you get so much accomplished??? I get a couple of seams done and feel like I made progress and while I'm doing those the dishes pile up and the house starts to look like someone ransacked it. Those pouches are looking great. I can't wait to see the whole thing. Glad your mom is doing better and your MIL is OK. My mom went to the hospital by ambulance a week ago, but she is fine also. Take care, Connie

  3. I'm glad your moms have you to look out for them but I also hope that it all mellows out for the holidays so that you ALL can enjoy them!

    The little pouches are sweet and I love the humor on them.

  4. These are sooooooooooo gorgeous... glad you are getting some creative time... Love that dyed lace.

    Gerry Krueger

  5. Girl would I love to 'play' in your studio!
    So organised and lots to play with!
    Just seeing all the beautiful lace ribbons, threads and colour is so uplifting! No wonder you create such beautiful works of art...I know 'cos I got one here right besides me! Thank you again!

    Sandie xx

  6. You must be getting so very tired of hospitals! I really hope that your mothers are well on their way to good health and your life can return to normal. Take care of you!

  7. How fortunate that you have your CQ to work on and take your mind off all that you are going through with your family. Beautiful pieces...

  8. Oh, Pat, not again! I can certainly understand your anger and frustration too!

    As for your projects...your colors are amazing!! Yes, SO bohemian! I love them! I think you're a gypsy at heart. :-) Looking all your jumble of dyed laces makes me want to just plow through it!


  9. Oh, such a gorgeous "mess", and fabulous creations in the works! So glad your mom will be freed from rehab! Keep creating!


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