Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Cold but beautiful sunrise

Mr. insomnia visited me last night so I stitched for four hours and cooked a roast for BBQ beef. It is 7:30 am now and I am finished with dinner and getting ready to run errands then visit mom. Too bad we have to waste time sleeping, imagine what all we could accomplish if our eyes could stay open 24/7 without toothpicks :-)

I snapped a few sunrise pics to share however my stitching project isn't ready yet. It is a fun project I thought of last night around 6:00. I needed some humor and these little bags fits the bill. More later.....hint:"Girlfriend pouches"
Now for the beautiful sky pics............first pic is orange-ish....
then only seconds later its turning pink...

Now to finish shredding the BBQ beef and head out the door....
Have a sunny day


  1. I have always lamented the fact that the body needs rest. What's with that????

    Dinner looks great. What time shall I arrive?

  2. I'm coming over for dinner too! I can smell it from here. Wish we could see the sunrise from here -unfortunately there are too many wires, houses and 'stuff' around this area.

  3. That roast beef bbq looks great! Now I am hungry for supper and it's still the morning.

  4. Pat....sleeping....what I wouldn't give sometimes to actually be able to rest enough to take a NAP! Doesn't happen!


  5. Who needs sleep when you could be stitching, cooking and seeing such a beautiful sunrise?

  6. Hi Pat,

    Ooh, the roast beef looks really good! I've been looking for a recipe for pulled pork. Do you have one?

    I'm with you. I don't sleep well these days. Actually, I haven't slept well in years. Most days, I'm up at 3 am and then of course, I can't keep my eyes open past 7 pm.

    Honestly, I'd rather be stitching anyway!

    Hugs to you and your mom!

  7. Have a fabulous time with you mom - the photos are stunning - can I come to share your meal?

    Hope you get a good sleep tonight. When I have a busy night/early morning it always catches up with me a couple of days later!

  8. Gosh, hope you took a nap later! Lovely sunrise photos, and I just made pulled pork in the crockpot a few days ago...yum!

  9. Hahaha ~ You crack me up!The pouches are a terrific idea! I can't wait to sew again ~ you should see my sewing room now in the midst of painting etc ~ what a mess!!! Anyway ~ we will have to swap nursing home drama ~ I have a few to tell since Grama has been there in March and it is even wgat you would consider a nice place.I am SOOO glad MOm is now hopefully HOME SWEET HOME!!!!!


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