Thursday, November 11, 2010

The best medicine

Yesterday was the fourth day of beautiful sunny upper 60 degree weather and I just couldn't stand it any longer. I needed my FIX. I decided no matter how I felt I was going to the beach. I spoke to mom the night before and she was feeling good so I thought I should too. I did feel close to normal and I figured there were newly constructed restrooms at both beach areas so I was covered just in case. I headed out with camera in hand and cell phone in the other.

The closer I got to my beach the more excited I got as if someone or something special were awaiting my arrival. Making my way across the street and up the steps I just stood and took it all in. Inhaling deeply, closing my eyes and wishing mom were standing next to me. This was my view..........the medicine I've been waiting for.
A beautiful sight! Calm waters,empty beach, plenty of warm sunshine, and a slight breeze. Exhilaration is what I felt as I made my way toward the shore. The water and sky were almost the same color and I felt so peaceful and free of illness.
I started my ritual of walking along the shore collecting my treasure. With each find I was tempted to turn and show mom forgetting she wasn't there. I continued my bittersweet hunt for a while then sat on the warm sand for a bit. Trying to remember our beach strolls which seems so long ago. I know we will continue them soon because mom can be a stubborn little thing when she wants to be and she wants to stroll the beach badly. "Think positive", I tell her, I know it will be soon.These were my finds. I was hoping to find a blue piece but honestly I was just happy to be there in my healing place where the world left me alone, and I could just dream and think of great past memories and good things to come.

I stopped on my way home and grabbed a salad then sat on the porch swing with angell and shared the chicken with her as I devoured the veggies as if I hadn't tasted them before. I did share a tomato with a hungry bee. He wouldn't leave me alone. It felt great to be sitting outside in November only wearing a Tee shirt(and jeans of course) and barefoot. I could have sat there all day.

DS was off so his girlfriend came over. I showed her my beach treasures and she didn't know there was glass on the beach. I felt excited to be able to share that with her. I told her the olive piece was rare and she liked the bright green ones so I am going to take an idea from my sweet friend Elizabeth and wrap silver wire on one for a pendant. I will print out the mermaid tear story on a card to give along with it. It is fun to share magical things!!

I settled on the couch with Angell and watched the new show "The Talk". Someone was knocking on the front door and I ran in to see our local florist had a delivery for moi! It seems my sneaky sweet friend Terri had been thinking about me. Naturally I was touched to tears and hoped DS or his girlfriend wouldn't come down and see me like that so I brushed them away and opened my gorgeous bouquet. It was so beautiful and filled me with life. The calla lilies were so sweet and perfect, creamy teacup roses,pink and purple and cream delightful-ness! To top it off they were arranged in a soft green vase with a little teddy hugging it. I mean come on, who wouldn't get teary eyed over that? I felt the love that's for sure. A hug from Terri aka " Sweet pea". Talk about a day of healing. I am cured! Thank you so much for your friendship, thoughtfulness,caring and love Terri. It was a sweet surprise that arrived at the perfect time. The pretty vase will be reused many times, I love it!

A little update: Mom may be coming home this afternoon. My Mil is doing better and it looks to be better than expected. I am 99% well and will be visiting both today. Your messages have been so appreciated. I read each one and felt the care and concern and I thank you for that. I hope to answer each of you soon. I know I have so many "sisters" out there and I hope you know I will be there for you too. Hugs and big smiles to all.

~~~~~Enjoy your day!~~~~~


  1. Pat, so glad to know you are feeling better. I have been thinking of you, but for some reason have had trouble trying to leave comments. Seems to be working today, finally. Know I'm sending "positive thoughts and healing vibes" to you, your Mum and MIL all the way from the Canadian east coast. I'm so glad you were able to get out for a beach walk, I thoroughly understand about having a "special place" which rejuvenates you.. Enjoy each day!

  2. Oh how wonderful, thats positive news all round. I am so glad.

  3. I am so glad you were able to walk your treasured beach. I was brought to tears thinking of you turning to show your Mom what you had found. Such a special place, so good for your soul.

  4. So glad you were able to get outside to the beach for awhile. Hope your all feeling better soon!

  5. Glad you were able to soak in the healing energy from the beach.There is nothing like the sound of the waves, the peace and quiet to bring calm and peace.
    I always "dissolve" when given flowers too. Lovely!Kindness is one of life's blessings.

  6. Oh Pat I can actually read the relief in your post. All is working out and so glad all are getting better. Your beach walk did wonders for you and that is a blessing. Prayers continue...

  7. Oh I am so happy and relieved things are looking brighter.I called the florist in your town and thanked them for doing such a nice job when I saw the pic. I wish you peace and joy dear friend ~ that somehow matches the same that you have blessed me with!
    Now pleeeezzzzz won't you send some of that beautiful weather this way!!! My flipflops are by the door ready to hit the pavement at least a time or two more before the snow comes!!!

  8. Morning Pat! This is such a sweet post. Your beach walk and porch lunch sounded like the best sort of medicine for sure. Hopefully your mom will be able to join you on your special little journeys again soon. How very thoughtful of your friend to send such lovely flowers...I would have cried too! Hope you are all better soon. xo Paulette

  9. :-)
    Hugs, sweet lady!

  10. So glad to hear that you were up to geting ina restorative beach walk !! your treasures are glorious and I know that your son's girl will love your wrapped piece!! SO sweet of you!! Thigns are looking up and it appears that all have turned the positive corner!!! Thank goodness for all of you!!! Big Hugs!!

  11. Pat, It's nice to hear that you are up and about and feeling well and also that your mom is home where she should be.

    I know what you mean about enjoying your walks on the beach, I could feel your relief. When I walk along to shore I find myself talking to the waves... I like to pretend that they are coming in to listen to me and then take my troubles way out to sea. The weather is going ot be in the 60's and sunny this weekend so I'm thinking a nice long walk on Cape Cod is in store. ENjoy your weekend.

  12. Pat, when I read this post you almost had me in tears too ! Such a thoughtful friend to send those gorgeous flowers ! It certainly sounds like a very uplifting day for you all round,
    Hugs from across the Pacific
    Christine in Sydney Australia

  13. Lovely beach photos, Pat...thanks for sharing. Glad you and your Mom are feeling better.


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