Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Whew! I finished a project in record time!

I don't know what possessed me but I took on a challenge that I had no time for and finished on time even with several hurdles in my way.

If you aren't aware by now, there is a new publication out titled,"Creating Vintage Charm" and I am a fan. My friend Leslie from St. Joe sent me the first copy a few weeks ago and I read about a challenge offered and thought it would be fun to try my hand at something new. The rules were to choose one of the two adorable little girl images from the magazine insert and create a Christmas themed project. With mom's illness and hospitalizations, the challenge slipped my mind. (Imagine that) When I stole a few minutes to browse blogs I was reminded of the challenge and realized I had 1 1/2 days to create something. It was Monday afternoon (18th) and I had until today(20th)....oh dear! Dare I take on this challenge? My muse said GO FOR IT.....and I did. I finished about 20 minutes ago, photographed it and emailed my entry to Sonia. Whew! Talk about nerve wreaking. With all the pressure I actually enjoyed taking every stitch. I stayed up until 1:00 this morning, my eyes just wouldn't stay open. I tried to close one and rest it while using the other....something I don't suggest when you have needle in hand. Ouch!

I chose the little girl standing on the chair. I named her "Virginia".....appropriate for Christmas I think. I started gathering pastel fabrics and pieced a stocking around the image then began embellishing. I worked around Angell's Vet visit yesterday morning, a visit with mom and cooking a turkey dinner from scratch.....yes, time consuming but worth it. Al the time I was peeling potatoes my mind was working on what the project would be. I decided a stocking would be something quick. LOL I fool myself quite a lot. What was I thinking? I didn't have a pattern so I just grabbed muslin and cut out something close enough to pass for a stocking. After adding the pretty pastel fabrics, and embellishing I surprised myself with an actual representation of a vintage looking Christmas stocking. Now I must make at least two more for the stairway since I did change the decor colors this year.

I'm not sure if we are supposed to share our entries so I will give you a little peek until I find out. Shhhh...don't tell on me.

Speaking of changing colors, I snapped this pic on the way to the vet yesterday morning. The peach and red tones are my favorite color changes in Autumn. They look so pure and clear.While at a stop light I quickly snapped a pic of Angell. She knew she was on her way to see the doc and was not a happy lady. She looked like a baby seal with her hair flattened. Sorry about the blurry pic but I had one eye on the light and didn't want to tick anyone off behind me like people on cell phones...argh! Green light...go, not try to finish your sentence on the phone. Sorry, a little venting there.
Anyway, I will keep you posted on the challenge and can't wait to see what others have created.
Have a super Wednesday everyone!


  1. Pat you are amazing with your talents and time management. The peek is torcherous as I must see the entire finished beautiful piece! Angell is just precious. Your turkey dinner is early for Thanksgiving. :o) Hoping mom is feeling much better. Whew! Now I need a nap...

  2. You have exhausted me. I can't wait to see your whole project. Is Angell ok? Teddy sends puppy licks!

  3. Oooooh!!! So impressively beautiful and detailed...and done in record time. Can't believe you can create while peeling potatoes and sew with one eye open. Yikes! Poor Angell looks like my pups when they are on the way to the vet. They just know what's up. Enjoy the beautiful Fall color! ~ Angela

  4. WOW I'm still just thinking about it and you've already done... I can't wait to see it and Virginia is perfect... poor angell

    Gerry K.

  5. blinkbonniefarm3:10 PM CDT

    Beautiful! I love the pastels and can't wait to see the whole thing. Hey, the winning Victorian Boot Pillow is the perfect color for your house. Hope it comes your way along with the other goodies. --Pat

  6. You make me tired just thinking about meeting that deadline! The teaser looks pretty sweet - can't wait to see the entire thing.

  7. Youare a wonder!!! Can't wait to see the whole stocking!! How is your Mum doing?? i think of her often- give her a hug for me!!!

  8. From what I can see, your piece looks gorgeous, I bet the rest of it is too. Can't wait to see it.

  9. Hi Pat, Still admiring my neck pouch!
    I hope Angell is ok? She looks so huggable!

    Sandie xx


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