Thursday, October 21, 2010

Voting time at Creating Vintage Charm

The voting has begun at Creating Vintage Charm, so head on over an enjoy the sweet creations, close your eyes and remember when you were a child and the Holidays were here.

I can't believe there were only four entries with the two irresistible and adorable images we had to choose from. I was looking forward to a plethora of eye candy however I am loving those that were entered. Pastels, vintage, sweetness, oh my!

Perhaps the time wasn't available however I certainly had a fun day and a half stitching frenzy not knowing if I could meet the deadline. I really needed to see that I could get motivated again after the two months of hospital "junk". Each day I felt my muse pack something else in her suitcase readying for her departure. It was scary but there was nothing I could do...until I was enticed by this challenge. Thank you Sonia!!!!!!!!

I see I am the only one who chose the other photo...yikes! I loved them both but the little girl standing on the chair just spoke to me. I guess that shows different things inspire different people, "Different strokes for different folks". I was inspired to make a pastel stocking by my dear friend Jan Obertein. Her work is absolutely breathtaking. Sorry I can't share because she doesn't have a blog but I am trying to talk her into an online shop :-)

The other entries are wonderful and I am in great company! What a gorgeous pillow from Debi, and I really want the doll from Melanie, and I would never light the candle from Roselle with those beautiful painted roses, just beautiful creations ladies!

Now friends, please don't vote for me because you know me,but do vote. Follow your heart because there are temptations as you will see. You know I don't join contests or challenges to win, I do it to get the creative juices flowing because I have no one around here to "push" me try something. With that said, who doesn't like to win now and then? (shameful) It's just a fun thing to do.

As promised, here are some more pics of various areas of the CQ stocking. It measures 7 1/2" at the top and it is 18" long...plenty room for many treats and treasures. Because of the length it was hard to capture it all in a close photo at once so here it is explained in sections.....
I named the little vintage girl "Virginia" and I imagine her anticipating the arrival of Santa as she stands in the old green chair with the beaded tassel awaiting any unusual noises.
Now you know I love lace so naturally I brought out vintage laces of all sizes and selected a tiny one for Virginia's dress. I used scrap book chalks to lightly color her dress pink , the chair green and her hair auburn. A bit of dyed cheesecloth for softness and vintage velvet flowers and leaves were incorporated with silk ribbon embroidery,vintage buttons and beads for more interest and texture.The butterfly was a vintage find from the International Quilt fest in Illinois three years ago. Vintage can be copied but there is nothing like the real thing is there?
What would a child's Christmas be without the traditional letter to Santa? How else would he know she wanted the dolly with the blonde curly hair that closed its eyes and the fairy tale story book she longed to hear her mother read to her each night?
One of my favorite additions to crazy quilting is making fans so the toe area was THE place for one. Basic embroidery stitches with silk and Kreinik metallic threads (my favorite) were used along the seams with a few bead additions to dress them up.
That's it! Top to toe! I still can't believe I finished, that is my reward!

~~I wanted to thank those who voted for me and the kind comments. Much appreciated and I know it was a tough decision~~


  1. Wonderful CQ as always!
    Your fingers work magic sew quickly!
    It takes me ages but, then my hands are more like a goalkeepers' than a nimble sewing lady!
    Have a great weekend!

    Sandie xx

  2. This turned out beautiful Pat. Love all the details.

  3. This is a beautiful creation!

  4. Lindo trabalho em crazy!!parabéns

  5. I am at a lost for words, this such a beautiful work of art! Lovely, Pat.

  6. Lovely isn't a word that I tend to use but it's what comes to mind when I see your stocking... Beautiful work!

    Your comment: "I do it to get the creative juices flowing because I have no one around here to "push" me try something" Well that is how I feel when I see all the beautiful things you create... you push me to want to do more, to learn more about CQ and to play more.
    Thank you.

  7. Hi Pat,
    This is so so pretty, the soft colours are very pretty.
    It is also lovely to see how you have used the viola and dog rose in your piece.

  8. This is stunning and I am amazed how fast you can work. I think it would take me a year to complete something like this! Very well done!

  9. I can't believe you did all that so fast - wow! You said you use challenges like this to push you into trying something - I have to say YOU are the one that challenges us to be better!!

  10. Pat, you always add the most amazing details and embellishments to your CQ work. And you accomplish so much in such a short amount of time. Your love of the craft comes through.

  11. Ok, That is IT!! You are BEYOND amazing!!!!! I can't believet aht you did this in a day and a half!!!! It is obvious to me that your Muse was just hybernating and being kind to you as you were dealing with all of the stress and uproar of taking care of your poor MUM!!! She certainly did NOT abandon you!!! This sia bsolutely breahttaking and inspiring!!!!!

  12. I love your work. Someday, I'm going to try crazy quilting, and maybe it will come out as gorgeous as yours.

  13. Hi Pat - Wow, this stocking is magnificent - I just love all the extra details! Thanks for the compliments on my Winifred doll. I think all the entries were wonderful, and I was also hoping for more than 4!

    Hugs, Melanie


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