Friday, October 22, 2010

SWEET gift from Amber Dawn

After writing a partial post a few days ago and thinking I had finished it and posted it already I discovered I hadn't so I deleted that one and I'm trying it again .... sooooooo, Amber Dawn , my multi-talented artsy friend has been making the cutest little clay treats and she sent me a beautiful cupcake for my birthday. It is displayed on a small cupcake domed pedestal stand I found at Hobby Lobby. A teeny lollipop and a itsy bitsy bird charm arrived with it. They were wrapped in vintage newsprint and a tiny metal tin. I will enjoy this calorie free delectable delight for years to come. Thank you Amber, you are so sweet to send me a cupcake. What a sweet surprise!


  1. My goodess they are gorgeous - how on earth Amber could make such gorgeous miniature is amazing - I don't think that my eyesite would let me!

    What treasures

  2. The cupcake is amazing, so tiny, yet so intricate! She must have the patience of a saint and VERY steady hands.

  3. I love miniatures but am entirely too clumsy to even attempt anything as detailed as that cupcake. So charming!

  4. Amber does incredible work !! I am always in Awe!!!! The detail is amazing- what treasures!!

  5. That's so sweet, Pat. Working with clay in such miniature form isn't easy!


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