Friday, October 15, 2010

Spooky October sky and angry Lake MI

This morning the sky looked fitting for October with a layer of dark clouds hovering above the field across the road. A spooky Halloween sky.

I started my day by calling mom hoping to have the "OK" to pick her up this morning but the Dr. hasn't released her yet. Instead of twiddling my thumbs I decided to wash the car so I grabbed Angell and off we went to town.
The car wash had blue and red soap which was wasted on Angell, LOL. She just wanted the water to stop pouring over the windows. Since it wasn't a warm sunny day I took her home and headed to the beach. I didn't get there yesterday morning. An angry lake greeted me. I wasn't intimidated.....I walked right to the shore then heard someone yelling. I turned and saw an older gentleman at the top of the stairs of the pavilion with a tripod apparently taking photographs. He was waving but I didn't know if he was implying that I was in his way or if he was happy to see some other crazy person who enjoyed the lake on such a dreary Autumn day. I didn't wait to find out, I quickly headed the other way down the shore hoping I didn't interfere with his peaceful morning.

Fighting the wind, I was determined to take a little walk just long enough to find a mermaid tear. However I was amused to see this "Art in the Sand" instead....

I found one clear piece of glass then departed. I am home now and the sun is brightly shining. I think I will go to the hospital and wait with mom. She has got to be bored out of her mind....I may as well join her.
Have a splendid day!


  1. That sky is something else. So neat how that thick cloud bank can be followed by blue sky. Glad you found a mermaid tear and some neat sand art. Hope Mom comes home today and will not be bored out of her mind for long.

  2. Beautiful photos and beach art. Fingers crossed for your mom! ~ Angela

  3. Hi Pat
    Loved your photography here, the sky is awesome. How beautiful the water looked with its turbulence. Enjoyed the sand art... it brought memories of my daughter and I in Hawaii writing in the sand and taking pictures to make cards.
    Thanks for the memories :)
    Blessings today

  4. Oo I always love to see your photos of the lake and the beach where you walk. I would be out there too! Hope your Mom is doing better. :-)

  5. I always enjoy your posts and photos. Hoping Mom is feeling much better and soon home. You are such a sweet daughter. Hugs,

  6. Funny you should post a pic or two of the lake and shore, I was dreaming last night(after thinking about my neck pouch), tht I was walking along the beach with you and we were picking up wonderful pieces of seaglass, laughing and putting the world to rights! When I awoke to the sound of the alarm clock and back to the dark of my room I felt quite sad...didn't even get to one of your CQ classes in the dream! ONE DAY!!

    Hope your Mom is back home and feeling sooo much better.

    Sandie xx

  7. Wow! Beautiful pictures! Love the sand art. Hope your mom is home soon and feeling better. Take care of yourself. Wendy

  8. What awesome pics Pat! I hope your Mom feels better soon, my prayers stay with you both. Tish also said to say hi and give you both her best wishes.

  9. Love that sky - and the angry lake. Those are my favourites - it's like the lake is in a mood and echoing the movement of the sky. A calm, glassy lake is beautiful but not nearly as beautiful as this. I hope everything is alright with your Mom - you two have had a lot on your plates lately and could use a break. Take care!

  10. Looks cold to me but loved the rock pictures and angry weather. I adore fall but I know Winter is around the corner and I can't stand the cold. Your poor Mom I do hope she can get out of the hospital soon. Have a wonderful day, Pearl


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