Friday, October 29, 2010

Sharing the block for Maureen

Maureen has received her block so now I can share the one I made for her .

I have to tell you something funny. I had the same image Maureen used for my block picked out with fabrics for hers. Because of mom's unexpected health issues I sat it aside for a while and when I went back to begin I changed images to this one. When Maureen's block arrived I couldn't believe it had the first image I had chosen to use. But then...I could believe it because we have discovered our tastes are very similar.
If you haven't been to Maureen's online shop, you must take a few moments and browse, it is filled with delights any crazy quilter/mixed media could enjoy.
! I have been taking the names for those wanting to exchange a block with me. It will be after the Holidays when all should be quieter and I can create freely.
Thank you again Maureen for your beautiful block


  1. Put me on the list Pat to exchange a block ...and after the holidays is perfect... Glad your mom is doing better... Last night was the first night I was able to stay at home for 9 days...Someone has to be with mom all the time until I can get her into assisted living... she refuses to stay at my house because of my dogs...

    Maureen's block is exquisite... that is funny about the images...... Gerry K.

  2. Great looking block and that is so funny you picked out the same image as Maureen at first. That shows you were on the same wave length.


  3. Gorgeous Pat! Hope you enjoy your weekend.

  4. I saw Maureens post about the two blocks and was struck by their similarities, despite the different images. How fun that you came so close to being twins!!

  5. Pat, I love the way you have dyed the little flowers and added them.
    Very romantic and so soft.
    What is going on in the CQ world. i am a bit out of it here, are you doing a book?
    aloha Lilla

  6. Beautiful block.Very feminine and soft - lovely!

  7. Pat, beautiful! Love the dragonfly! Is it something you made or purchased and embellished?

  8. Hi Pat, I was just over at Maureen's blog and saw both your blocks - Gorgeous! Funny how great minds think alike ... even in the CQ world.

    I am in the process now of making one for Maureen and would love to swap one with you too sometime after the New Year.

  9. Very nice piece, I like the dragonfly.


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