Friday, October 01, 2010

Sharing birthday treats and stuff

This morning I grabbed my camera to get a picture of the sun peeking into the dining room. The house was darker than the photo shows and the sun just lit a small area in the dining room where some of my favorite things were placed from sweet friends.
The hall chandelier was sparkling in an odd way so I had to snap a pic of that too. If you zoom in you can see I've already started decorating for Halloween, (webs) Whoops!Sometimes you just have to capture the moment. It was a start to a beautiful day.

When I arrived home from mom's this afternoon I had some birthday treats from special friends waiting for me. Actually I was a winning blogger on my dear friend Freda's blog last week and since the prize was made by Freda I am calling it a birthday treat :-). This vintage looking sewing kit holds everything you need, and it arrived with the works which I wasn't expecting. Freda tucked in a distressed piece of cheesecloth between the two layers and I think it just finishes it off perfectly. I don't know if you can see clearly or not, but the felt has writings on cool! A lovely velvet flower and leaf with a metallic netting is a pretty accent. There is a mother of pearl heart dangling from the top to remind me it was made and given with love.
Freda is such a thoughtful lady, she also tucked in a vintage brooch for my mother. When I saw it I couldn't believe that it was so similar to one I picked up from the antique mall and pinned on mom's new sweater last week. I must take a picture of them together. It is such a coincidence that we both found such unique brooches around the same time. Freda, thank you so much for hosting the wonderful giveaway and thank Harv for drawing my number :-). I love the sewing kit and mom will enjoy the brooch!!!

The next surprise was from my dear friend Terri . She lives in Connecticut but ventures into New York to attend Martha Stewart and Nate Berkus shows from time to time and manages to "take me along" for little shopping sprees. Now I would be happy as a lark just hearing her describe these outings, but no, she has to buy me goodies, treasures and treats to make sure I "experience" them. And boy do I ever as you can see!!!!

Below Terri filled one of her pretty floral cloth bags she creates to overflowing. Can you believe I haven't opened the Godiva bar yet? Me either! Of course it has only been less than an hour in my possession :-)
Beading threads in fun colors, a gorgeous cabochon,blue glass crystals,magnetic dragonfly charm,beautiful stickers,and amazingly beautiful teeny tiny sequins.......... But wait! I've only just begun to unpack the box...... A huge brownie from the famous Magnolia Bakery was awaiting me. Terri even included a birthday pick. I staged this piece of the brownie for the picture but it will go back into the box until I can properly set a tea time table for myself. Of course Terri included a pretty rose sprinkled tablecloth for my tea table. I love roses!!!!!Although I haven't been to NY other than Buffalo, I do love New York and now I can show it!!!!Thank you for an endless box of birthday surprises Terri. You really shouldn't have but I know you can't help it. Just wait...........

Are you exhausted yet?
Birthday cards from more dear friends with goodies tucked inside. Judy S, Leslie H,and Terri T, thank you for your thoughtfulness.Last but not least, the beautiful new magazine arrived from my pal Leslie K in St. Joe. Thank you Leslie , I glanced at it but am typing as fast as I can so I can go devour each page. Hope we can get together on Friday the 8th??????????????? Here or there, whatever you want.
I did spy a familiar name...Blog lands multi-talented Gail Schmidt....Cool!
Way to go Gail. Can't wait to read all about it.
So, I am off of here for now. A girl can get spoiled around here with friends like I'm blessed with.
Thank goodness I made chicken noodles for dinner this morning or the guys would be out of luck this evening as I am headed to the porch with my new magazine. Have a wonderful evening and I will give my full review tomorrow.


  1. Hope you had a Happy,happy day Pat.

  2. What a beautiful shot of your dining area!! Your Chandelier (sp) is glorious!!!!
    Such lovely treasures for a wonderful friend and teacher.Happy Happy Birthday!!!

  3. What a fabulous selection of goodies. Don't you just LOVE receiving unexpected/expected treasures in the mail. The sewing kit is great as are the sequins.

  4. I have been really sick lately, but just popped by to see how your Mum is doing. This has been such a tough time for her. My thoughts are with you both.


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