Monday, October 11, 2010

I found Sandie!!!! Ramblings..........

I should say Sandie found me,LOL. I am so glad she is excited. I never know if a winner wants what they won or not. I'm sure not everyone enjoys CQ, fabrics, felting, beads, embroidery, etc like I do...(what am I saying???) Anyway, Congratulations Sandie! Your pouch will be in the morning mail :-)

~~~~~I found your comments on the search for Sandie to be hilarious...clever ladies you are! Be on the lookout...there is more fun to be had :-) ~~~~~~~~~

In other news, DH was off today for Columbus day (don't ask me why) so I caught up on my housework and he ran to town for me and gave his truck a good wash and wax for Winter. It was another beautiful day. I can't believe my flowers are still in bloom by the porch. I watered them and gathered seeds from the fuchsia Morning Glories. I love Autumn but sure will miss all of this during the long Winter months.

Catching up on emails I was delighted to learn that I may get to meet a fellow blogger next March when I teach classes at a Michigan retreat which I will be posting on my weblog tomorrow or Wed. Donna lives in OK and she may attend the retreat, what a compliment that is to me. I do hope she does attend, I would love to meet her. He work is beautiful! You should check her blog to see her lace collage...beautiful!!!

While I was spending some free time with Leslie on Saturday I received some goodies in the mail. My order from Shabby Cottage Studio arrived. I love velvet leaves and flowers so these were a must have. I incorporate them into my CQ by removing the wire and tacking them down with invisible thread then I add a few beads. Silk ribbon embroidered flowers are worked in around them usually near a fabric image. The paper butterflies and Olive green seam binding (yum) will be added to vellum bags, cards, etc. I love the words printed on them. Thank you for yet another pleasing shopping experience Gail!
Also in the mail I found a package from a sweet friend who also shares a Sept 30th birthday, Catherine Claire Proctor. I love these Paper Studio note pads and boy do I use them up! So handy and beautiful. Thank you Catherine Claire. You are so thoughtful!
Saturday we stopped at Joann Fabrics and after enjoying helping Leslie gather a variety of fabrics for collage, I found Ruth Rae's new book. I love her work and although I don't have time at the moment, I plan on devouring each page in a few weeks while snuggled in my comfy chair with a cup of tea or perhaps a glass of wine. Beautiful book Ruth!!!

Sunday at the Antique show with Jilly I found a couple of treats. A small hand full of vintage laces and a storybook with beautiful black & white illustrations. I thought I would scan the illustrated pages and sew them together for more pockets to use as gift mailings or for small flat etsy/atfire orders.

I have some exciting news and a giveaway from last month to announce tomorrow. Right now I am going to watch some new shows with DH.

Have an enchanting evening and Sandie, I am glad I found you :-)


  1. Sandie is very lucky Pat! I'm always anxious to see what you are going to come up with next! I have to tell you, Tish in Metamora is in love with you!! Well we all are. ;)


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