Friday, October 01, 2010

Happy October

Happy October! In the Midwest, it is a busy month. A time for spiced apple cider, picking the last apples off the tree and dipping them in melted caramel, packing up the warm weather clothes and bringing out your favorite sweaters, cleaning up the gardens for their winter sleep, watching the flocks of birds gather along the roadside wires and fields ready for their journey to a warmer climate, viewing the beautiful color show of changing leaves and foliage, looking up favorite family stew, bread, and fudge recipes, decorating the porch in corn stalks,pumpkins
Altered vintage girl by "Lisa's Altered Art" on etsy.
and synthetic spider webs for Trick-or-Treater's, storing all the garden and deck furniture, cleaning closets to make way for the boots and winter gear, checking smoke alarm batteries, fluffing up the comforters and quilts, plugging in the electric bed pads and blankets, stocking up on soy or beeswax candles in your favorite Autumn scent (vanilla or pumpkin spice), gathering and planning projects for the long winter ahead, the list goes on and on to include all the things we "domestic goddesses" love to comfort ourselves and our families with.

I enjoy all four season's although I always hate to see one end and the next begin. I think it is because I get comfortable in one season and""" poof!"" it changes on me. Not being a big fan of "change", it upsets my little world when I must abide by the season's dictations.(okay, maybe I am stubborn,,,a little too) I took advantage of the warm sunny weather and ventured to the outlet mall for new boots the other morning. I know some of you may cringe when you hear what I have to say next, but please let me stay in the "Woman's" club. I don't like shoes or shopping for them, or clothes shopping for the most part.

If I could wear white shirts and jeans and be barefoot everyday I would be the happiest gal in the world. However, Since this isn't always possible I have become partial to and must have my chunky higher heeled black short boot for Autumn and Winter months. It has been something I have gotten comfortable with for several years now and if I don't find them I become obsessed searching for them.

Again, the comfort, not fashion is my goal although they are stylish in my opinion. Basic and stylish and comfortable.....a lot for me to pull off, just ask my friends who put up with me.I blame my "fashionlessness" on being an only girl with three brothers. After all, I thought face powder was the white stuff kept in the kitchen...
Perhaps I may be a fashion rebel because I had to wear school clothing like this .....nice ears huh? At least it wasn't real fur :-) Yes, I fought off a uni-brow all my life, and the updo...well, it should have been a warning that mom wanted me to be a hair stylist. Yikes! Although I would like to think the fresh stitches on my chin were battle wounds from fighting off mom's clothing choice, it was actually from flying off a merry go round in first grade right before picture day....just my luck.

It is fun to poke fun at yourself and know nothing and no one in life is perfect and that things can always be worse. With that said, I wanted to take a moment to remind you that October is National Breast Cancer Awareness month and to share this little "Pink Ribbon" image link from Patty of Lisa's Altered Art.
Patty offers sheets of various images and sizes to create with. Perhaps you will buy a sheet or two and make some things to show your support of those touched by this horrid disease. I am not affiliated with her shop in any way, I just love her work and see how it can be used many ways in art creations of all kinds.
I hope to make some items for my etsy this month to support the Susan G Komen breast cancer fund. All(every penny) of the proceeds from any PINK item will be donated.

Enjoy your day your own special way!


  1. I love the photos of you when you were little! And I asked some style questions today...and you answered some of them here! heehee! I love going barefoot, too...summer is my favorite season! Enjoy your day! ♥

  2. You're not alone, Pat: I hate to shop for shoes and clothes, too! Maybe I'm missing a gene or two, but I just don't 'get' the shoe thing. Sorry, ladies. It's always been function and comfort first for me.
    Happy October!

  3. Forever in Blue Jeans is beautiful.
    I too am a hate to shop girl. I have a few outfits I wear repeatedly through each season. I have found some great shoes for winter. Sketchers Tone Ups...fur lined clogs, the next best thing to bare foot.

  4. We could start a fashion club of our own!!! Jeans, white shirts, simple and straightforward!!! Love the shots of you when you were little!!! SO cute!!!
    I am off to check out Lisa's ETSY! Thanks for the tip!!!


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