Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Fun things in the mail who knew laundry would be so blissful?

It has been a good day. After hearing the good news that mom will be moved to a rehab place only 4 miles from my home possibly tomorrow, I came home to find goodies in my mail. I had forgotten that I had ordered some Lavender scented laundry soap from Theresa Hein's etsy, which I discovered while blog hopping. I immediately washed all of the pillowcases( which I had just laundered a few days ago)in this wonderful smelling product. Theresa also included a hand stamped lavender sachet which I tossed in the dryer with them. Not only do the pillow cases and the house smell heavenly, but both porches smell amazingly sweet. If you love Lavender scented things, you have to try this laundry soap. It is vegan and packaged cute too.
The next item I treated myself to was the Magnolia Pearl book I forgot to order. I love Robin Brown's style and she seems to be a grounded and sweet person so naturally I had to indulge and buy this scrumptious book.

My new MOO cards arrived too! They seem to be brighter than previous orders and so clear. I love mini moo cards!!!! I will be making a CQ covered container for Moo cards and offer as a giveaway to those sharing a pic of their moo cards (both sides). So, if you haven't ordered any, here is a code to get 15% off your first order. Just enter this code at checkout 2RB2CK .
You're welcome!
I just finished reading 40 minutes of Robin's book while on the bike so it's time for a bath, glass of wine and more reading. The photos are beautiful and so interesting, but Robin's story is very entertaining and exactly what I imagined it to be. My kind of gal (lady)
Have a great evening!


  1. Yes, life is good. I did not know you could put lavender sachets into the dryer. I love lavender so thank you for sharing your source. Restful night...

  2. So happy things are going better with your mom, Pat. Enjoy relaxing, your book, and love your moo cards!

  3. I can almost smell your lavender. I am so glad you are finding time for yourself to relax a little. Enjoy your book.

  4. Glorious moo cards, such a riot of colours.

  5. Pat I just got done catching up on your blog but am concerned about your Mom. I didn't realize she wasn't home. Is she in the rehab yet? How long is she expected to be there? I think of her so often ~ I will continue to pray for her and you.
    Wishing for a day for you both at the beach very soon!
    Lots of Love,

  6. Thank you so much Pat! I'm so glad you like the soap and the dryer sachet and I so appreciate you posting about it! I will be packaging up your altered piece asap and getting it out to you, I was thrilled to see you came over to visit my other store. Thanks again, your newest follower, Theresa xoxo


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