Tuesday, October 12, 2010


I honestly can't believe I have been so lucky lately. All the surprise packages for my birthday, then winning the beautiful needle kit from my sweet and talented friend Freda, now I am excited to announce that I won a hard drive from a photographer who enjoys and captures common things along his travels and admits he "stops to smell the roses" as he takes amazing photos. I have been following him for a while because as you know I love photos of nature and he certainly shares some beauties. His blog is Nikon Sniper and I hope you go visit him and enjoy his gifts. Thank you so much for the hard drive Nikon Sniper, that was such a surprise!


  1. Wow, I am not sure what that is you won but it sounds pretty great. Anything having to do with
    photography is over my head. I need to check out Nikon Sniper, maybe I will learn something.

  2. blinkbonniefarm12:52 PM CDT

    Congrats to you!! With all you give away and share with all of us, you certainly should win a prize. --Pat

  3. Just wanted to say congratulations! for being the blessed winner of /Steve's give away. He is an awesome guy! Shelly won his last give away and it was her birthday too :)

    Happy belated birthday.

    God bless
    patrina <")>><
    princess warrior in boots


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