Wednesday, October 20, 2010

European Market with Jilly

Last Saturday I took a morning off and gallivanted around with Jilly. She had to put her beloved sheepdog to sleep and I just needed to be mindless for a few hours. Ok, I know I am mindless quite a bit, but lets pretend....
I wanted to pick up more dried green beans which I discovered at the European Market in downtown Chesterton with my bud Leslie of St. Joe. Yes, I said green beans....don't knock em till you've tried them. I bought a bag to try and after the first taste I thought I had made another foolish purchase. I tried another bite and yum-o! (as Rachael Ray would say) I ate the entire bag (5.5 oz) in two days. So this time I bought four bags. I sent one home with Jilly to try. better not have given them to the dog!!!!! ;-)

At the market we strolled past the pastry table...beautiful temptations
.... then I spotted the fudge table and my feet wouldn't move any further. While Jilly strolled to the cheese table for a more healthy treat choice I chose to indulge in a small square of peanut butter fudge. (see the little square sitting on top in the front? That was mine) It was so creamy and I picked on it all day. It hit the spot.

I also stopped at a welcoming booth which offered hand made jewelry. I had met the artist Jenni Holm of "Jewels in Bloom"at the antique show in LaPorte earlier. She is a gorgeous petite gal with a giant talent for making pretty jewelry, many from vintage pieces and found objects. I think what first drew me to her booth was it's simplicity which allowed her creations to be the focal point. I prefer booths and stores to display their wares openly instead of all the hype that isn't for sale. I just had to pick up a giftie for my sweet friend in CT who always takes me on her shopping jaunts into New York. I can't wait to finish gathering a little goodie box for her.After we left the European Market we stopped at the Schoolhouse shop which is a quaint little shop filled with candles, cards, clothing,decor for your home and lots of little treats as well as an outdoor cafe in the back and a pantry stocked with specialty foods galore. It is located about 2 miles from the beach in the Dunes.Down the street is where I had found Matilda last year at an Estate sale. I'm still thrilled about my treasured find every time I pass her in the dining room.

Across the street from the Schoolhouse shop is a very old cemetery with pretty iron work. I love to see the old architecture in cemeteries. Many people do as well however they don't want to admit it.

As we were leaving Jilly spotted a fairy (Gnome)hole....then a bottle tree hidden in the woods. It was such a beautiful day to take an adventure with a friend who enjoy simple things. I felt like a child on an excursion.

We ventured on to an antique mall in Michigan City before returning to our responsible selves.
Thanks for a fun day Jilly.

Next post I must share a SWEET birthday surprise from my talented artsy friend Amber Dawn............................hang in there.


  1. Just wondering - Do you know if the dried green beans are the ones that are also known as "leather britches?" Every year it was leather britches time at my Grandmother's in WV and I haven't seen them in this area (CT) even once.

  2. What an amazing shopping trip! I see so many things I would love! The little gnome hole is very cute! What a fun imagination! Hugs! ♥

  3. I love the little bottle tree.

  4. I wouldn't have been able to pass up the pastry table, those pies look so GOOD!!!

  5. What a fabulous day - your blog is so descriptive - I was 'right there with you' thank you so much for sharing

  6. Hey Patsy Girl ~ I didn't know you had another friend in Conn?? Just kidding ~ I love my beautiful earrings!!!


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