Monday, October 18, 2010

Crazy Quilt tag...wanna play?

I rarely find crazy quilt related items on blogs unless I am on a CQ friends blog however I just found one here. Let me tell you, if I were shopping at that booth I would slowly pull that CQ off the table and slip it in my BOHO bag! (not really but it was fun to imagine).

It is beautiful and it inspired me to start a game..."Crazy Quilt TAG".

If you are a "hunter" and want to play, there are a few ways to get your name in the hat more than once. I don't care for rules yet here they are...

The CQ item does not need to be a bed cover or wall hanging. It can be a CQ doll, purse,vest, etc. Not a picture of a CQ, actual fabric and stitching please :-)

For one entry just post a link in the comment area of this post to a recent crazy quilt item you found on a blog that wasn't written by a crazy quilter. It cannot be from the blog where I found this one. It must be from a blog, not a shop, ebay, group,etc. The blogger must have posted the CQ item from today Oct 18th, or earlier. Leave your blog address too if it doesn't auto link to your name.

For two entries (the first plus) become a follower (let me know if you are a follower and that counts too)

For three chances complete the first and second tasks plus post about this CQ TAG game on your blog for others to join in and don't forget to let me know.

Want more chances to win?~~~Do the first three tasks plus copy the purple CQ TAG image at the top and link it to this post for a total of FIVE chances to win the prize.

There will be a name drawn from the participants at midnight on Oct 31st.

I know it sounds like a lot of work and I'm not sure what the gift will be but it will be something crazy quilt related and usable valued around $35 to $45 that I will make this week while enjoying 4 waiting room visits with Mom, DH and Angell.( I'm just happy to be the one waiting and not the one needing treatment. )
So, come join me..tag...You're IT!


  1. I just saw some really interesting crazy quilt work at Sandi's blog.

  2. I have been following since before the puzzle exchange.

  3. I am off to put the CQ tag on my blog.

  4. I will link the tag to this post too. I hope we will see lots of wonderful CQ in the near future.

  5. Hi Pat. Fun game! I think that these little pincushions I found on a blog recently would qualify:

    Fun and useful creations by a lady for the Victoria and Albert museum shop. Best wishes for those on your waiting room list this week. I too have a few waiting room visits and will continue my crazy quilt and embroidery reading whilst waiting.

    Oh...I am a follower.
    I will post your pretty tag on my sidebar.
    And blog about it today!
    P.S. - Wouldn't we all have liked to abscond with that crazy quilt you shared today! ~ Angela

  6. blinkbonniefarm (Pat Resler)9:32 AM CDT

    What fun, Pat! Here's one comparing crazy quilts and her mosaic art.

    And an FYI, I found this collage picture of crazy quilts. Don't miss the great poem from 1890 below it!

    I'm already a follower. No blog so can't play the rest of the game.


  7. Oh...The lady who creates those darling pincushions is Wendy Cramer, for the Victorian and Albert Museum. The blogger who shared these is Credit where credit is due! And now...TAG!!!'ve been blogged at my niche in blogland.

  8. About halfway down the post is this beauty and not one word about CQ. Check it out.


  9. I am a follower and love every minute of it!

  10. Hi Pat
    Thanks for sharing my Mom & I love antique crazy quilts.They are soo fun to decorate with. Just thinking about the story behind how they were made is amazing. We live in Redlands, Ca and they filmed How to make an american quilt right up the street from our house.Happy Quilting

  11. Hey, I was going to follow you anyway -- so I'm just in time for this contest. Yay! That's entry one. Let me see if I can fulfill either of the other things. xo


    This artist creates all sorts of stuff but does not use the title crazy quilter. So, I hope this qualifies?
    It is one of my favorite pieces!

    I will repost and link back to this post on my blog this week!



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