Sunday, October 31, 2010

Blogger's Quilt Festival participant

I'm participating in the blogger's quilt festival Fall 2010and I'm sharing my favorite quilt titled,"Life Within a Garden".
I began this crazy quilt because I wanted to use the pretty porcelain butterfly wings I had purchased a few years prior.
Then I heard about a new magazine challenge and began to build onto the quilt until it became a wall hanging.I embellished this quilt in my garden almost daily for three months. Each day I sat stitching among the flowers and fern while thinking about my father who was a gardener and taught me to appreciate nature and its gifts.
I observed butterflies flitting around colorful open blooms.

Bees buzzing and dining on pollen

Dragonflies of all sizes and colors zooming about the water fountain
Bright green shelled bugs,lady bugs,and grass hoppers hurrying along the pathways and into the warmth of the mulch while listening to birdsong as I incorporated them into the quilt with threads and silk ribbon.
Each evening I was reminded of the daylight slipping away when I heard the eerie cry of the neighbors peacock telling me nightfall wasn't far off and stitching would have to be continued indoors. Mr. Peacock earned a spot on the quilt as deserved.
So many thoughts of days gone by, all happy memories of dad and my grandmother who both left me wonderful memories and knowledge of what to treasure in life. I gained a special lesson while making this quilt, always be true to yourself. Express yourself as you live, do not try to please others by pretending to be something you aren't or doing something that does not make you happy. I stitched many bugs into this quilt because if you stop to actually look at them, they are beautiful just as they are. As beautiful as the flowers they live among.

I also learned not to be afraid to work with colors I loved. Your work flows while working with colors that make you happy. However I do challenge myself from time to time and enjoy that very much. I crazy quilt for the pleasure, not for competition, although it is fun to challenge yourself sometimes, not to please anyone other than my muse, and certainly not for gain although I have been blessed that others enjoy my work and want to own a piece. This is my hobby, and this special quilt was a pleasure to create and it taught me that I can do anything I want to as long as I have the desire.
This quilt hanging in my stairway and I use it as a sample piece for my students I teach in my home studio because there were various embellishment applications used.


  1. Love the story behind this. Beautifully done as usual!

  2. So true. It has become a gorgeous piece of work, Pat. I love how you incorporated all of your sights and thoughts into your work.

  3. Very very nice, i like this quilt:)

  4. This very wonderful Quilt

  5. This is an amazing quilt and you have a beautiful blog.

  6. Amen to your thoughts. I enjoyed seeing the quilt and love the fact your father was there (in your heart) as you created it. Your work reflects the joy of your spirit.

  7. Pat this is your finest piece to date and very stunning. The story really brings it to life. I think your memories of loved ones will shine in your quilt forever.

  8. What a treasure - an absolutely beautiful work of art. I loved reading the story behind the making of the quilt.

  9. Hi Pat, love your gorgeous work and the photos are beautiful too. I am doing lots of embroidering right now also have a UFO crazy patchwork from the Piecemakers Calendar of some years ago. Happy Stitching. Chrisb.


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