Saturday, October 02, 2010

Another surprise!

I was minding my own business cleaning up the studio when a fun artistic package arrived from Canada.
It seems Lorraine Stobie of Creative daily blog was purging her stash and gathered a lot for me to enjoy.
Hand dyed doily's, threads and fabrics in delicious colorways.
Boho bags waiting to be created. What a delightful surprise!Thank you very much Lorraine. That was really a huge surprise and I love every piece. :-)

Fellow bloggers, if you want some beautiful hand dyed goodies for yourself, Lorraine has an etsy shop here. Called Luscious Layers, and that they are!!!! Scrumpdilyicious in fact!

I already hung everything in the studio so I can grab and sew next week. It seems my muse has returned and I can't stitch fast enough. I took a break today so I could regroup and prioritize my projects. I finished an Inner child doll and mailed it today, I have a bed doll almost finished, a mermaid to work on and a few personal projects to complete. I have nothing planned in the studio and feel like creating some Pink projects for breast cancer awareness month.

I hope you are having a great weekend and enjoying some creative time.


  1. How wonderful to receive surprise packages with all the beautiful goodies we love. So glad your muse is super productive and back with you. Happy pink creating...

  2. I'm SO happy you like your goodies Pat. They sure look nicely arranged in the photo. Can hardly wait to see where your muse leads you. Thank you for mentioning my etsy.

  3. Such lovely goodies! It's just the best when surprises come in the mail, especially ones as lovely as this! Gosh, you're getting so much done! Have fun creating! xo Paulette


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