Sunday, October 24, 2010

Added stocking to artfire

After thinking about keeping the Christmas stocking or not I decided to sell it in my artfire shop. I don't have time to make two more so I will wait and make them all during the Summer on the front porch next year. I want them to connect in some way...perhaps all vintage Santa's. I have time to think about it..

It was such a beautiful day which I spent at mom's. I wanted to go to the beach so badly but mom was having pain in her side so I didn't mention it. She has an appointment tomorrow with a new family doctor so we can get her meds straightened out and a new antibiotic prescription. She isn't out of the woods just yet. She did ask for champagne though?????

Leslie , I wish you could be her private nurse :-) But then she would be calling for help and we would be playing with fabrics and threads,LOL.

I must confess, I love those caramel covered green apple flavored suckers and found two bags hanging on my back door knob last week. Jilly dropped them off on her way to work. That was a sweet surprise in many ways. Thanks Jilly, I am working on making them disappear...with help of course :-) As a matter of fact I have one sitting by my comfy chair waiting for me. I'm going to clean up early this evening and veg out for the rest of the day with a Photoshop book my son's girlfriend loaned me. She knows all about digital stuff and she is studying animation. Perhaps something will rub off on me? Fingers crossed.


  1. Hope your mom continues to improve and you both have a chance to return to the beach this fall. Love your blog and the class this summer. We plan on returning next year. I am so excited for your book to come out and hop you include more of your great beads in it. Have a wonderful fall.

  2. I love the image with the sick pup! Champagne would make anyone feel better.

  3. Pat, I’m so sorry to hear that your mom is back in the hospital. I remember these times well, and only wish my mom were still around to hug! On Sunday it will be 4 years..... You are doing the right thing by spending time with your mom, regardless of the outcome.

    I knew my mom’s time was near (inoperable brain cancer), but denied that it was imminent (her declining ability to breathe was just due to the treatments, I told myself, NOT her emphysema). I ended up speaking my last words to her on the phone instead of by her bedside.

    Please enjoy every precious moment and give her a hug for me, too. And hopefully we will see pictures of you two walking along the beach again in spring, looking for cobalt blue glass.

    Love & hugs,

  4. Oh no - I'm so sorry that your mom is back in the hospital Pat. I really hope that this time they can help her heal and get on the road to recovery. Best to you both!!

  5. Too bad about your Mom.I would love to have someone beside the computer store to know about this boxs.Where do I get your book CQ Journey ? Also for your new book how about what needle size are for and also basic on beading Laura Q

  6. Pat,
    I'll have to get over and take a look at your stocking.

    RE frame: I'm sorry, it is sold.

    back to see more of your blog

    barbara jean

  7. I am so confused. On my blog your post said your mom is back in the hospital so I clicked and this is the post that comes up. I hope all is ok. Know I am thinking of all of you,

  8. Those suckers sound good. I hope you mom finds releif with a new Dr. Being in pain all the time can't be fun. It's been so windy here--no trees down yet. They said we missed the heavy part of the storm. The lake is rough.


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