Monday, September 06, 2010

Two posts in one day!

I'm almost afraid to announce mom is better to prevent me from jinxing her but yes, she is much better today. She was wide awake sitting in a chair and talking to the kidney Dr. He said she was doing great before darting out. We had a nice visit but I was hoping her surgeon would have stopped by. She wants out of ICU and wants a Pepsi and food,LOL. I hope they give her broth or something this evening. I left when they put her back to bed for a nap. What a difference a day makes! :-) :-) :-) :-)I came home and watered the flowers in hopes they keep blooming a bit longer. The Autumn Clematis is so fragrant and taking over the front porch. I will sit on the swing and work on my cell case this evening. Not much progress as you can see.

FrontBackThe colors are actually fuchsia,turquoise,lime and black. I made an eyeglass case for a friend in similar colors and really liked it so I thought I would treat myself to a much needed cell case. I need something that doesn't look dirty after a week of carrying in my purse. The light pink one I currently use looks awful.I've been meaning to share some beautiful china paintings from my sweet friend Jan. She presented me with several treasures when she took a class last month. I have one of her painted china pieces hanging in my bedroom and stand in amazement each time I study it. Ahhhhh to have that talent!
These are the two gorgeous gifts from Jan.... Hydrangea & rose dish...
and a dainty rose vase. Also, one of her beautiful journals and this sweet card.I know I don't deserve all of these beautiful things but I certainly will keep them safe and enjoy them. Just her visit was enough. What a delight it was to meet her and Karen.

I had better get off of here and get some yard work done while it is cool out. Thanks again for the encouragement.


  1. What great news Pat, hope she gets out of ICU soon, and can have real food! Beautiful cell case, and love the painted china!

  2. So glad to hear Mom is doing better. A Pepsi does sound pretty good. Sorry to hear the surgeon did not make it in to see you. They flit from one patient to another with very little time for any of them it seems. Love the examples, I always study them. The china and vase are beautiful.

  3. Just your post sounds so much better as Mom is doing better today. Great news. Your hand painted china gifts are real treasures. Enjoy your day...

  4. I'm so glad that your Mom is improving, your relief shines through and I know that so many of us will be praying for a speedy recovery for her. Sending you both lots of hugs and willing the sun to shine for you.

  5. Yes! You do deserve those beautiful gifts and one of your own beautiful creations, don't let anyone including yourself, say otherwise! :-)
    So glad your Mom is feeling much better! :-) gentle hugs from me Mom xx.

    I love the dragon/damsel fly fabric, is it current or a stash vintage?

    Take care,
    Sandie xx

  6. I'm so glad to hear your Mom is doing better! Continuing to send get well thoughts her way in the hopes that her recovery is a speedy one. Be sure to take care of yourself too Pat!

  7. That is such awesome news about your Mom...I know it has to be a lightening (is that a word???) of your heart for her to be feeling well enough to want a Pepsi! lol. Your cell case is so beautiful and those painted dishes are amazing! What a talented bunch of bloggers out there. Hope your week and your Mom continues to improve. Big hugs Beth

  8. Pat,
    I'm so envious of your beautiful gifts but you really deserve them. Mom sounds like she's doing really well too, must be a great load off your mind. Hugs to you both from across the Pacific,
    Hooroo from Christine in Sydney Australia.

  9. Great news on your Mom. If she wants a pepsi she must be feeling better. This has been a bad time for all of you.

    Take care of yourself while you are taking care of her. That is something we don't always do when someone we love is sick.



  10. Pat, so glad your mom is doing better, which in turn I"m sure makes you feel better as well. You are still both in my prayers...

  11. So glad your Mom is feeling better. Love the start of your cell case your work is always so pretty. I will keep both you and your mother in my prayers.Have a great week. Wendy

  12. Hi Pat,
    Your Mom sounds so much better, it must be a great relief.
    I love your China, anything with roses is for me.
    If you have time drop by and see me, I'm having my first 'Giveaway',
    I would love to see you.
    hugs, Angela.

  13. Pat, So glad you have good news to
    tell this blog. I have not been checking my blog updates lately. Know exactly what you mean,though hard to be inspired when the ones you love are so ill. Hope your Mother will be home very soon. Regards
    Carol Daisy

  14. We should always speak what we believe. I am so pleased to hear your mother is a lot better... it will continue.
    Love the posts today.

  15. Hope your Mom continues to do better and is home soon!! I know you must miss her !!


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