Thursday, September 16, 2010

Treasures along the shore

This morning I decided to take a quick trip to the ended up being two hours. Yikes! I had to rush home and get ready to go get mom ready for a Dr. appointment. Stitches came out today!!!
Anyway, the beach trip wasn't as fun without mom but it was a needed venture. It was cloudy and a bit muggy for being in the 70's. Again, I had the beach to myself, well, me and the shore birds that is. They keep me company and stroll along with me knowing I'm not a threat and perhaps hoping I had a morsel to share.The water was pretty calm with few waves.......After my two hour stroll it became brighter and I didn't want to leave. I would have loved to lay on the sand and stare up at the clouds and dream for a while.I meant to turn back after 20 minutes but something drew me further down the shore as if I were being tugged with a rope. I started finding bits of glass, a few crinoids and shells ,a palm sized crockery chip, a weathered bone fragment (don't ask me why I picked it up) when I stopped dead in my tracks. When the water receded I found a 2" beautiful purple piece waiting for me.Oh how I wished mom had been there. Just as we designated blue pieces to represent dad , the purple represents grandma because she loved purple.
To complete my delightful journey, on the way back I found a small blue piece and was happy as a lark. These are my Thursday gatherings.It was a nice morning, and after we left the Dr. and mom got a clean bill of health, I ran in Panera for Broccoli soup and green iced tea for our late lunch and we sat in her living room, gobbled, and planned our St. Joe trip for Sept 30th. By then she will have the tubes removed and can walk better.
I plan on making something with the large purple glass piece for mom because she wouldn't accept it otherwise.
I hope you had a great day too!


  1. What a special day! So happy that your mother is recovering nicely. I adore purple and to find purple glass washed ashore must be such fun! Have a lovely evening. ~ Angela

  2. This post made me smile, Pat, that your Mom is so much better. Your next trip to the beach you'll have company. :-)
    Hugs, Diane

  3. Ah the purple one is really special. So glad to hear your mom is doing so well. Love the stroll on the beach with you. I truly needed that today. Sharon

  4. Ahh to have a beach so close by would be a dream, glad to hear your Mother is doing so well.

  5. Hi Pat, I'm so happy to hear that your mom is doing so well! Wonderful news!

    And what can I say about your sea-glass? We live by a small lake and I've combed the sand looking for sea-glass but no luck. Do you think I'd find some if I keep trying?

    The purple piece is divine and I think it's a lovely idea to make something for your mom with it.

    Hugs to you dear one!

  6. What a wonderful find! Isn't it neat how you were drawn to find it. I am glad you listened to your heart and found it.

  7. Some things are so meant to be and obviously your being drawn to continue on your walk is one of those things. So glad to hear Mom has her stitches out and it feeling so much better.

  8. So glad your Mom is on the mend, she will soon join you in your beach combing!
    What a lot of beautiful glass and objects you found, my favourite is the purple glass piece.
    It must have ben one of your posts on Sea Glass that made me google 'Sea Glass' and find the 'Sea Glass Journal',the link can be found on my blog.
    Now, more than ever I want to live near the Sea! One day....

    Thanks for sharing,

    Sandie xx

  9. Hi Pat! This is such a touching post with your references to your gram and dad. I'm so happy you found those lovely pieces on your walk...I'm happy your mom is on the and she sound very close, just like my mother and I. (I lost my precious father 3 years ago this coming November). Thanks so much for your very sweet visit...and as usual, I just can't believe how gorgeous your work is!
    xo Paulette

  10. I have never seen a piece of purple beach glass. You (& your Momma) are blessed girls. Aren't you glad you listened to that inner voice? Charlene


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