Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Surprise from Singapore

A very sweet woman from Singapore who I've been privileged to call my friend for several years now, Wendy Shu, sent me a surprise birthday package. After a day of hospital and doctor visits I came home to a wonderful treat in my mailbox. When I saw it was from Wendy I knew I was about to be spoiled.

I sat with Angell in the sun on the back deck and unwrapped each treat. Wendy's presentation was perfect as usual. So many things to reveal......I felt like a child, filled with wonderment, almost forgetting to breathe. She tucked away a special gift in pretty black and white tissue.... a swarm of beautiful tatted and beaded dragonflies looking as if about to land on whatever I choose. I have never seen this pattern but I love it. The possibilities where these can be used...oh wow! Over an embroidered or printed pond......on a silk ribbon flower....Next I opened a little black box tied with black tulle which held a gorgeous miniature delicate clay orchid....amazing! I love miniatures.An organza bag filled with treasures was the next to be revealed. So many things to use in my work.... petite beads in the cutest bottles,tatting pretties, dragonfly charms, and a case of bits & bobs including my favorite glass flower beads to play with.
Sweet delicate tatted trims to enhance a seam...oh how I love Wendy's tatted treasuresEven the black card donned one of her beautiful tatted creations....worked in purple!!!!
My goodness Wendy. I feel like I won a lottery,LOL. Thank you so much for such thoughtful birthday gifts and for your exceptional tatted pieces. Most of all thank you for your friendship. Your talent is inspiring and your kindness is heart felt and appreciated. You were part responsible for me to begin my 50th year with a smile on my face and now I'm ending it with one as well. Thank you my friend.


  1. I love tatting-can't do it but love it. Nice goodies--I hope you have a wonderful birthday-and 50 years more--hugs Leslie

  2. I am so glad they arrived early. Happy Birthday Pat. I'm sorry about the staples. I hope you enjoy the little gift. I love the thank you card you posted here. Pansies, my favourite.


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