Monday, September 27, 2010

Simple things mean a lot

Friday when I woke up I decided I was going to take mom for a ride just to get out of the house. I quickly got the house in order then got myself ready and stopped at the store to pick up a couple of house dresses so she didn't have to wear night gowns all the time and I found a polka dot one. She loves polka dots. I also found a pretty cream colored sweater that zipped up the front.

When I arrived she was sitting in her chair all forlorn and I told her my plans and her face lit up. I got her ready , packed her cane and walker and off we went. I knew we wouldn't be going far from home although I wished we were on our way to St. Joe.

We headed toward town and just drove around for a while then she said she was hungry and wanted chicken so I bought a couple lunches and we sat by Lake Palomar , her favorite spot to have lunch in town, and enjoyed the sunshine and geese gliding on the water. I think we covered every topic in the world with lots of laughter sprinkled in. It may sound like a boring trip to some, but it was an adventure for two gals who have been through hell going on a month.

I've learned that although it is important to get the best doctors and medical care you can , it is also most important to have caring support post surgery if you want to heal faster. I remember when I washed her hair in ICU for the first time and how much she loved it as if she were "getting the works" in a fancy salon. Small things like a little trip to town seems like a European trip to someone who can only sit and sleep in a chair for days on end and who misses beach strolls, little road trips and even shopping trips. It is better than therapy and as good as medicine from what I saw.

Our outing lasted only a few hours,we traveled less than 12 miles round trip, but gained pleasant memories forever.

I must get ready for mom's appointment at the hospital this morning however when I return I will share another fun outing I enjoyed with Jilly on Saturday.Enjoy your day!


  1. Dear Pat,
    Sounds like you had a wonderful time with your Mom and I can only imagine the pleasure you provided.
    Sounds like times with my Mom and I miss her so much.... but memories last forever.
    You are a sweet caring daughter and your Mom is lucky to have you..
    Blessings with Love

  2. Hi Pat,
    Maggie's sentiments are mine exactly. Your Mom is so lucky to have you in her life, sharing the most intimate of moments and details. You're a great daughter! Hope she heals soon, and you two can walk the beach again.

  3. For my mom it's shopping. She loves to shop... About once a week I take her to Walmart or Kmart and she hobbles around a little ways and buys a few things.. The next time we go she returns it all and buys other things... She doesn't need anything but it's pushing the cart and looking at the racks that makes her day! Gerry K,

  4. Simple things do indeed mean a lot. You did the most perfect thing for your mother and I know it was special for both of you. You are a good daughter!

  5. Pat you are a dear daughter. These times mean so much to your mother. They will mean even more to you someday. I miss my mother, my best friend, but I have those wonderful memories. Whenever I find a feather It is a sign that she is watching over me. I have found many in the last several weeks. Just when I seem to need them too.

  6. Pat you are so right...Simple things mean far more than any of us realize from day to day. I can only hope my daughter is as kind and thoughtful to me when I will need her as you are for your mom. Blessings for all...

  7. Hi Pat,
    What you did for your mom by taking her for an outing was just as important as what the doctor's did your her. They helped heal her body but you touched her soul. What a lovely thing to do!
    xo, Karen

  8. Youa re such an angel and your mom is so lucky to ahve you as you are lucky to have her!!! So much is gained from the simplest of gestures, we so often forget this !! thanks for the reminder!!! Laughter anda bit of special attention are the very best meds out there!!! hugs to you both!!!

  9. Sounds like a wonderful day and the best part of were together. A new housecoat will cheer anybody up!


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