Thursday, September 23, 2010


First I wanted to thank you for the early birthday wishes. My birthday lands on the last day of Sept (30th) but I wanted to allow time for anyone interested to get in on the freebies offer in my shops. Birthday wishes from friends is nice to hear anytime :-) and I thank you.

I fought off a bug but ended up with a stiff neck. It is better today so I hope to get some errands taken care of. I had a nice evening at the beach planned with Jilly last weekend but the sky was dark and didn't make for a nice beach combing setting so we planned to meet the following evening. However, I blew it...I had been feeling achy with a scratchy throat and actually fell asleep which is a rarity for me. I think I have been burning the candle at both ends and it caught up with me after three weeks. Either that or I caught a bug in one of the waiting rooms at the doctors office. I am fine now except for the sore neck. I have many doctor visits with mom ahead of me the next three weeks so I am loading up with C,D,zinc,Echinacea, and OJ. I don't have time for bugs!
I wish I had some work to share but I've been spending my spare time working puzzles with mom and trying to keep her spirits up which isn't easy for an active lady who finds herself limited to a lift chair, bathroom and dining room table. She is doing fine and can't wait for the darn tubes to be removed. I never thought I could handle what I have been and I think I deserve a nursing license ,LOL. Surprisingly I can clean and prep a wound site just as well as anyone without blinking an eye . On second thought, no thanks, I'll stick with silk ribbons,vintage lace and pretty fabrics to cut into.

I don't know where September went. I woke up and Autumn was here.Actually I love Autumn. The days are mostly sunny and still warm enough to take walks,ride bikes, stroll beaches, and enjoy outdoor events in the area.The evenings are cool enough to toss a quilt over you, grab a cup of spiced caramel apple cider and swing on the porch until the sun goes down. It is a time to slip on a favorite sweater and shop for new boots for winter months ahead. The Duneland area has several Autumn events to enjoy.

Perhaps Autumn has arrived at a good time as I intend on relaxing soon and stitching the winter away.I hope you are enjoying your days doing just what you want.


  1. Hi Pat! I'm so sorry to hear you haven't been feeling well, and hope you're much better in the coming days. :) We do tend to tire ourselves out sometimes, running all over and getting pulled in all directions... plus sitting in those doctor's office waiting rooms doesn't help. Sometimes I think they should just pass out masks to everyone! I hope your mom is feeling better soon also. She's very lucky to have you for her "nurse". It's amazing how strong we get when we have to be! Try to find some quiet time for yourself, and get better soon... I always love seeing your beautiful creations! Happy fall! xo Paulette

  2. Trying to be there for your Mom and doing all you normally do as well is too much. I do think we pick up a lot of bugs in Dr's waiting rooms. A stiff neck is not good for stitching. Get on a heating pad and rest. That wound dressing is not much fun, been there, done that. The nurses deserve every penny they make.

  3. Yes my dear you have been burning the candle at both ends and there are a myriad of bugs in those waiting rooms. I know you will take care of yourself and rest is the best. You will have lots of time for stitching as the evenings get longer and more relaxing. You are such a good daughter and your Mom is very lucky to have you there to nurture her. Health to all...

  4. Pat, you can do it because it's your mom. I was able to do stuff for my mom last year after her surgery that I didn't think I'd ever be able to do. Mom is coming home tomorrow after another surgery to relieve a pinched nerve. I'm sure I'll be able to do for her whatever I need to.

    You take care of yourself dear one! Happy Birthday to you.

    Love & Hugs!

  5. He He! I would love to play with silk ribbons,lace,buttons etc; but as I do prep wounds for a living i wouldn't get paid for playing! Sigh...nice thought though!
    What lovely pictures you've put on your blog.
    Glad Mum is getting better, even if a little 'stir crazy'!

    Have a Great birthday on the 3oth!
    I will be thinking of you.

    Sandie xx

  6. you are the 4th person I've heard that had a cold & stiff neck - what an odd bug going around. Feel better soon : ) I received your ribbons in the mail - they are prettier in person than photographed on your etsy/artfire sites. Wow. so lovely, I don't want to put them away (fear I have to as the cats will adore them, too). Always, L.

  7. glad you joined the vintage charm party!
    thx for posting and letting us know of your beautiful blog and vintage creativity!
    tea is on at FHC ~ WELCOME !


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