Monday, September 27, 2010

An outing with Jilly

Saturday I spent the day in South Bend with Jilly. We stopped at Erica's first where Jilly found a wonderful sea themed quilt kit. It is perfect for a gal who grew up in Nantucket, it is soooooo Jilly!

I found some pretty wool roving, silk hankies and purple wool for felting.
Next we stopped at the fabric store but there wasn't much to choose from so we continued on to the antique mall where my favorite booth of laces is hidden away. As I was taking pictures of the beautiful roses....
Jilly was heading for the door....don't shoot me Jilly, I don't know where this pic came from...really.
To my disappointment, there weren't any laces to be found :-(
I didn't leave empty handed though, a package of carved Mother of Pearl buttons were waiting for me .
We skipped out of town early to avoid the Notre Dame game traffic . We almost made it home without getting into trouble however, Jilly mentioned caramel apples so we stopped at a winery/farmers market and stocked up (for our families of course). So what if a small piece of fudge made its way into the bag? A girls gotta have fudge after shopping once in a while.
I really enjoyed our little time shop hopping, it was just what we both needed. I know I did!

Thanks Jilly!


  1. So glad you enjoyed an outing with Jilly. Looking forward to seeing what you make with your fabulous treasures you acquired. The wools are totally my colors and tempt me so. The buttons are beautiful. Happy creating...

  2. btw, Bohin needles are GREAT!

  3. Well a good friend and those glorious buttons made for a great trip!! Love the mop carved ones best!!!!!
    Must keep my eyes open for those needles!!!


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