Tuesday, September 28, 2010

New supplies in etsy and artfire shops

Just popped in to let those interested know I added several new supplies to my artfire and etsy shops as promised. Remember, all blog readers will receive a free ciggy and 2 yds matching silk ribbon with their order through Sept 30th. (Please let me choose a set for you)

A few of the newest additions...Ciggy and silk packets. I have 12 more to upload this evening.


  1. How beautiful they are. I just bought the sweet lady on the phone. Thank you. Carol

  2. Pat,
    I just ordered the lady with the puppy and the pox ribbon I love it. If I get to choose the other one I love the lady with the violets and the purple ribbons. That is the first time I have ordered on Art Fire. I am delighted to find you have these ciggies as I am new to all this CQ and I have not be able to find these ciggies. I have asked at several quilt shops and antique stores. They either look at me like I am crazy or they say they do not know where to find them. Well I do now and I am anxiously awaiting there arrival. Thank you for the birthday present reversed!

  3. I just ordered the purple lady and I love the purple ribbons with her. I love purple as much as you. Do you ever do any in olive green? Hope you have a wonderful birthday Friday and get to do something special. Also hope your mom is doing much, much better.
    Hugs, Pat

  4. Always such lovely things to see here Pat. I love my visits to your blog. Hope your mom is doing well.


  5. Hi Pat,
    I am ordering Dream your Bliss right now. I would love one of the child ones for my freebie if you so choose. Also where is the best place to buy silk button twist?
    Thanks so much and Happy Birthday!
    xo, Karen


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