Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Hutch party

I was browsing this morning before starting my full day and had to join in the Hutch Party. Last year I bought the old Hoosier hutch from the new neighbor, a young guy who thought the "piece of useless junk" needs to get out of his basement. I agreed :-)
I wish I had a picture of it before I grabbed the paint brush but too late for that. Here is my much loved HUTCH painted white which I use for all my tea things. Table cloths,napkins and doily's are stored in the bottom cabinets and teas, decorated sugar cubes, are stored in the large side drawers.
My favorite pink depression ware collection makes the top shelf naturally.

Coffee makers and French press's are stored behind the roll top panel under the opened doors. Sorry I don't have a pic to share, these pics were taken last year and I just don't have the time this morning to take more. I love the little tin shelves and use them for honey and tea spoons and such.
I wish I had time this morning to browse the hutch party, but that will be my treat wen time allows. Enjoy!


  1. Hi Pat,
    What a fabulous piece. I love anything that looks good and has storage. You made it look great!
    Best wishes, Angela.

  2. How lucky that it was a piece that your neighbor needed to dispose of. It was a win win solution.

  3. What a pretty hutch!

  4. Pat, Your hutch looks so homey and soft just like all of the things I know you like.

    I've been using antique oak furniture as storage since I bought my first piece over 40 years ago. My home now is only 4 years old and I refused to allow bathroom vanities or mirrors applied to the walls to be put in. I use a side by side in one to hold towels, toiletries, etc. and the other has a bookshelf with a door that holds twice as much as I need it to. I then put up my antique mirrors on picture hooks.

    I've tried to marry the antique with the new and love my new home as much as the Victorian we moved from.

  5. I wonder if that young man, if he saw the hutch now, would be wishing he'd kept it!! You definitely struck gold with that find.

  6. Love the hutch and how you are displaying your treasures. Lucky you to be the "neighbor next door". Happy visiting...

  7. Beautiful hutch and the depression glass is lovely.

  8. Oh, I should join in on that too Pat. I love my Hoosier cabinet! My husband striped 3 different colors of paint off of mine before getting down to the beautiful original oak.


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