Thursday, September 30, 2010

Having the best birthday morning

Last night Jilly picked me up for a beach stroll. It was a beautiful evening and we walked and talked until we couldn't see our feet in front of us. We found a nice amount of mermaid tears and I was delighted to have found my treasured blue one. I also found a tiny blue china bit which will be worked into something.I wish we would have had more time to stroll but it was really a very pleasant venture.
I had no plans to return to the beach this morning however Jilly mentioned it last night and planted the seed in my head. Thanks Jilly!
Being another year older, I couldn't fight it, I gathered Angell,a bottle of water, camera and a basket to pull her in and off we went.
Although it wasn't mom, there were two shadows today.

It was very windy and the waves were pretty loud but the air was warm and the view was just beautiful.Angell wasn't real happy with me at first but she settled down after a while. Little spoiled girl. I would trade places with her anytime....I wrapped a large round basket in a plastic bag and put her car bed and blanket inside. Although she weighs 8 pounds, (yes, a bit heavy for a Chihuahua, but she is a healthy country gal ) she gets too heavy to carry and the baby carrier I had used gives me a back ache. This contraption works fine for both of us. I go for comfort, not appearance. I stopped to unwrap her because the sun was all the warmth she needed. Apparently she is embarrassed to be pulled in a basket wrapped in a garbage bag and hid her face from the camera. I thought I had raised her to be a down to earth kind of lady.The first piece I found was this pretty green one.
Then they appeared one after the other with almost every step I took. A coin from Honduras, shell bits and another shard of china were gathered as well.

I stopped at mom's on the way home. She said she was so tired of staying indoors and hated to miss our St. Joe trip today so I didn't tell her I had been at the beach. I fixed her a snack and went home. Fingers crossed next Thursday all tubes will be removed and she will feel much better I know.

I checked my emails and was shocked to find so many birthday greetings from Facebook. I almost cried just thinking so many sweet people thought of me this morning. I gave mom a quick call to share my excitement because I was so surprised and touched. That was just amazing to me. The only thing that could make today any better is for mom to cheer up .

It is a gorgeous day and I am going outside to swing. DH said no cooking today so I am a free agent.
Just look at this awesome calorie free birthday cake Amber Dawn made for me. It is on her thumb!
Thank you all for the birthday wishes the past week and today treat yourself to some YOU time if possible.


  1. I logged on to thank you for bringing that new magazine to my attention and I think I will try to get something submitted... AND as long as I'm here....HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I've been following your mom's progress and hope she feels better soon... Hugs Gerry K.

  2. Hi Pat,
    Sounds like a great beach walk. I love it here when the winter waves are rolling in. it brings all the mermaids tears to shore.
    Glad you had a great birthday!
    Thanks for telling us about the mag. I ordered one. Can't wait for it to arrive.
    Say hello to your Mom.
    Smiles from the UK, Angela.

  3. I'm glad your birthday has been so nice Pat, and your little dog is so cute! Great mermaids tears!

    Angell's beach carriage is too funny :-)))

  5. Belated birthday greetings my dear friend!
    Loved your beach walk with Angell!
    Good luck for Moms' tubes being removed soon, it's time she had a beach walk to refresh mind,soul and body!
    Come to think of it, I could so do with one myself!
    Love from Sandie xxx

  6. Happy birthday Pat! Looks like you had a great time with Angell...what a hoot that she'll stay in the basket. My two chihuahuas would not stay at all! Love the treasures you found and I am still baffled that such waves and treasures are in Indiana...and waves, no less! Hope the rest of your day is beautiful as that dainty cupcake and that your mom is up and about real soon. ~ Angela

  7. Happy Birthday Pat!! Wishing you a special day. Hope your Mom is feeling much better soon..

  8. Sounds like you had a nice birthday! Wow you really found a lot of mermaid tears!! I've never found that many at once!!! Sweet pictures of Angell. Hope your mom is better soon. Have a great Birthday! Wendy

  9. Happy Birthday! I think you enjoy the same kind of special day that I love! What great finds you made on the beach! Have a wonderful day! ♥

  10. blinkbonniefarm6:06 PM CDT

    Happy Birthday!! I love the picture of Angell in the basket. Glad you two got to spend the morning at the beach together for your birthday. And hopefully very soon you and your Mom will be doing the same. --Pat

  11. A very Happy Birthday and it sounds like you had a super day. Now you just need to enjoy your entire year. Happy celebrating...

  12. Happy Birthday dear blogger..
    What a beautiful day you had and the weather was great!
    I so very much love my brooch and special surprize I received.. Thank you...
    Blessings to you.. :}

  13. Happy birthday, Pat. It looks like it was a fabulous day.

    Here's praying that all of the tubes will be removed for your mom. YEAH!!!

  14. Happy Birthday Pat. Here's wishing you a whole year blessed with happiness and joy.

  15. How did I NOT know that today was your day???? HAPPY HAPPY Birthday dear Pat!!!! Seeing that Angell was enjoying mushing you along, gave me quite a chuckle,but I am so glad that you ahd company for your morning B-day stroll!!! Great lot of tears that you found as well!!! I am so thrilled with the little stash that you so generously shared with me!!! thank you so much!!! I hope that you had a wonderful day!!!!

  16. Happy Birthday, Pat! I can't think of a nicer way to spend it than you did today out in the sunshine on your favorite beach...except maybe if your Mom had been with you too.

    Hugs, Diane

  17. Hi Pat, wishing you a belated happy birthday, sounds like you had a wonderful day. My son is 32 on 1st October, a wonderful time of the year to be born.
    Hugs to you and Mom,
    Hooroo from across the Pacific from Christine
    PS I've sent a friend request on FB too?

  18. I Love your Birthday and Your Mom for having you!!!Hope it was a great one ~ Angell is the dearest baby!!!(and hope my gift arrives tomorrow like the post office promised !!!)

  19. Happy Birthday! The mermaid tears were smiling on you today! How neat you found that coin. Don't you have to wonder how it made it's way here.

  20. AAAHHhhhh! Sorry I missed your Birthday but really enjoyed reading this post. :o)


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