Thursday, August 26, 2010

Splendid giveaway from a very creative talented friend

I have to spread the word about a giveaway from one of my super sweet talented fellow blogging friends, Gerry Krueger. You can't miss this one. Her first prize is a magnificent pincushion....just look!

Her second prize is a collection of her hand painted birds on antique mother of pearl buttons. To die for!!!!So scoot on over to her blog and find out more of this generous giveaway.Tues Aug 31st midnight Pacific standard time is the deadline!!!!


  1. I love Gerry's work Pat, thanks for the heads up!

  2. Wow, what beautiful pieces - thanks for the post!!

  3. Beautiful pieces, thanks Pat!

  4. Tat pincushion is absolutely gorgeous!

  5. Thank you for sending us to Gerry's blog. What wonderful things she creates.


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