Thursday, August 05, 2010

Sharing storage find and great online shops

I am home and happy....happy I'm home...whatever! Anyway in my mail I found an order from a dear friend who opened a new etsy shop with her daughter who is quite a talent herself. Diane Knott and Holly Knott opened "Cottage by the Pond". It is filled with embellished cuffs, beautiful accent pillows, greeting cards, fun decorated muslin ribbon and much more. All beautifully done I must add. I bought a roll of the bird stamped muslin to add to my nest collection. I love how it comes on a music stamped clothespin. My order arrived packaged beautifully and I didn't want to unwrap it but wanted to share so here goes.........
Recipe cards featuring Diane's artwork, a pretty tag, music note paper to recycle and their little business insert. I was impressed with the presentation but then Diane does know how to make others smile. If you get a chance, go have a peek at their shop. You won't be disappointed.
Last week I purchased some applique's from Carol of "Country Cottage Friend". A pretty package of freebies were tucked among my purchases along with a nice card and pretty business card.If you are a crazy quilter, Carol has several nice appliques just waiting for a special project.

I love it when sellers take the time to think about presentation. I know it costs a bit more time wise and $, but in the end, it is worth it.

One last thing, I wanted to tell you about these wonderful tightly sealed containers for small storage. I found them at Harbor tools last Saturday when I was running around with DH. Each box has 24 smaller boxes inside to hold small bits, beads, etc. They were only $5 each.


  1. And don't you just LOVE getting things in the mail... Like you, I love to stay at home with my animals and it is so special when DH comes home from our post office (which is in town) with packages.
    AND Harbour Freight is my favorite store next to my favorite thrift store...

    Gerry K.

  2. Love it! And the little boxes are great, I may have to change my minds on the Harbor Freight thing and eat mud as I ask my husband to pick some up for me.

  3. Aw, Pat, you are so kind. You made my day, girlfriend. It was my pleasure to package this up for you. You're one of the best! God bless! Thank you for your kindness.
    Hugs and love,

  4. Hi Pat! I'm Diane's daughter, Holly. So glad you liked her stamped muslin ribbon. Thanks for mentioning us (again) on your blog!! And I love your comment below about your pup not being happy to have to go potty in the rain. HA! We have a rescued feral-born cat who is our indoor/outdoor cat. Cannot keep him indoors, much to our dismay because of cars... but he does *not* like rain or cold, so I often joke that if we lived in Seattle we could keep him indoors 24/7. Thanks again for your kind words. Love your blog!

  5. They did wrap your package beautifully. Very pretty items too:) I love the little plastic containers. That would be perfect for my small space for sure. A lot messy too. Thanks for the idea. I am going to check for them at our store.

    Have a great day!

    Ann Flowers

  6. what great items! I am going right now to check out their shop.

  7. I just love when a purchase arrives packaged as a gift. That extra little something always keeps me coming back.
    Patricia Rose-A Potpourri of Fabric, Fragrance and Findings

  8. Hi again Pat! My sisters and I just got home from Tisha's, and were able to see your work in person! We were all in awe of it. And we thought your pictures were beautiful! I LOVE the lamp shade, and the pursed were awesome. Needless to say, Tisha loves them all, and you really impressed her. She had so many lovely things to say about you. And she loves your Mom! Have a nice evening.

  9. I love mail in the mailbox and when it's a parcel, doubly so! The one thing I really like about Etsy and the bloggers I have "met" over the past year is the consideration and thoughtfulness demonstrtated over and over again; we might be on to something here that the rest of the world should take note of! And, a crafter who collects must be in want of storage, and I am most certainly one - those containers are terrific. Tomorrow I am going shopping for storage solutions - I actually need an intervention, but am trying to learn how to manage this on my own!

  10. Hi Pat, I stopped by Kitty and Me to read your guest spot. Nice Post and beautiful and generous give away at her place. Nice pic of the two of you.


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