Tuesday, August 17, 2010

MOO cards and a case to carry them in..tutorial

This is for those asking about the MOO cards.......

MOO cards are the cute little cards that became so popular two years ago. Here are some of mine....
Although you order them from France, they arrive fast. You get 100 for $19.99 and you can add 50 different images or make them all the same.They are half the size of a reg business card. I use them for business cards because I add a pic of my work on front and they allow 4-6 lines of info on the back. I also tuck them into etsy/artfire packages going out. They are beautiful made from satin finish hard card stock. I used a gum tin that fit the cards for a case. Here is the tutorial:

Gather your tin, muslin,fabrics,embellishments. Make sure the cards fit with room to slide one out when needed. I think my tin holds 30 cards. It is an Ice Breakers mint tin but gum comes in this size tin also from Starbucks. Trace your tin outline onto muslin. Crazy piece the muslin with scraps of favorite fabrics. Embellish lightly because this will be used frequently.I used tight Fargo roses, small stitches and few petite beads sewn on twice.
Glue the pieced work around tin and allow to dry according to adhesive you are using. After it has dried trim off the bottom edge of fabric flush to tin.Trim the top edge of fabric at the raised "lip" where the top closes leaving a small uncovered area. Paint that with any acrylic. If you fold over the fabric the lid won't close. Add a small flat trim around top to hide edge. I used a flat braid however lace would be pretty too.For the lid I felted a small piece and glued to top. I layered Angelina fibers (already made into sheets),bits of wool roving, and bits of sheer fabrics and felted a rectangle, traced the tin top and cut out. No embellishing needed for lid.I did add a small trim around edge with glue. I poked holes through the tin near the top to add a cord so I could hang it around my neck to wear for easy access. This comes in handy at quilt shows or trade shows when everyone asks for your card. It also holds cash nicely :-) See? You really can cover anything with crazy quilting!


  1. This is wonderful Pat - I love your tiny crazy quilting! I thought I did little bits and pieces but nowhere near like this - they are stunning! So now I know what Moo cards are - how do you get them? They are certainly the nicest cards i have seen!!

  2. Great idea for keeping your Moo cards handy and in the style they should be accustomed to. Happy creating...

  3. You are a fabulous teacher and such agenerous soul!! this is fabulous!! I love all of the felted bits that you are integrating into your CQ work. CQ can take on anything!!!!
    I was thinking of you last night as I mastered fargo roses on a swap page that I am working on!! i was using your fabulous silk ribbons!!!

  4. Another sweet tutorial Pat - this would definitely work for any size tin!

  5. Now I know what a MOO card is. My daughter has some business cards like this and my younger daughter just had her Senior pictures made and got some of these. I have made ornaments (like the soldered microscope slide charms) for the same photograher. Here I had worked with them and didn't know what they were called.
    Thanks, I try to learn something new everyday. Today you taught me.

  6. Hi Pat
    Just love the little tutorial - how sweet especially using felt bits.
    All the best.

  7. Hello - thank you for the lovely tutorial! We're rather crafty in the MOO office, and so we love spotting things like this.

    I hope you don't mind, but I just thought I should say, we have a USA site and a European one too, so you can pick the one closest to where you live. The European one ships from London, so I think your package must've gone a slightly different journey to some of the others!


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