Friday, August 27, 2010

Me time

Mom will be fine, but definitely ate bad eggs and never wants another in her life :-). I wonder how many have to get sick or die before they actually announce a recall? Makes you wonder. I cannot believe with all the Govt. has their hands in, that they cannot make farmers destroy the tainted eggs. Can you believe the same eggs will be used in prepared foods and sold to us again? Hmmm. Time to rethink the food supply sources me thinks! ;-0 Thank goodness for home gardens.

I finished packing the last two etsy orders and the last of the laundry is in the dryer,house is clean, kitchen floor mopped, and my felting projects are waiting for me on the porch swing. It is a beautiful 68 degree morning and I am headed out to play after I pour some iced tea. I will share the felted brooches with you this evening...unless something upsets the apple cart again .

Have a wonderful day and fabulous weekend!
TGIF! ME time!


  1. I am so relieved to learn that your mum is getting better. I couldn't quite understand how someone could eat 'bad' eggs as they smell don't they. But now I realise that there is a problem with eggs bought from the shops - how very scary - and to think of all the things that eggs are used in.

    I am glad that I have little bantams who give me eggs.

    I am off to investigate further - to get salmonella from store bought eggs is dreadful - my heart goes out to your mum and anyone affected

  2. So gald that your Mum is better and taht she has you so close by!! How scary is this!!!! We have definately got to do something about the FDA and the rules for food distribution and sanitation!!!
    So glad that you have some time to yourself to create!!! We just took #1 child off to his first year of college! We are all a bit mopey and missing him- hard to adjust to just three of us here now and his sis is Really missing him!! this Mother stuff is tough!! have a great weekend!!!

  3. Enjoy your me time and happy to hear that your mom is fine.

  4. Hi Pat,

    I'm keeping your mom in my thoughts. I agree with you completely. The government is into so much that they don't need their nose in but where it does belong, is ignored.

    Love your latest brooch!!!! Gorgeous!

  5. Hi Pat
    Hope your mom is feeling better. I went with my sisters and my mom to Metamora today to Tisha's shop, as always had a wonderful time and and bought some threads I needed and lots of other stuff.....oh that shop is awesome. She was wearing the necklace you made her.. it was absolutely beautiful!!! Where do you get those tiny leaf charms or buttons etc. Also on a post quite awhile back you mentioned where you get your sequins of all shapes and sizes. Hope you have a wonderful weekend. Wendy

  6. Dear Pat,
    I am so happy to hear your Mom is fine.. Give her big hugs.
    I read about the bad eggs here in Canada but never knew of anyone that had actually been affected... Certainly a scarey situation..
    I was trying to figure out how this happens to affect such a huge amount of eggs!
    PS your brooches are lovely,


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