Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Found Connie Faulconer.....................

Thank you all for helping me hunt down Connie. She is on vacation and when she arrives home she will have a treat in store for her. Don't worry, she will get it :-)


  1. Dear Pat!
    i am sorry I do not know how to contact Connie- perhaps she is away on vacation/ I hope that someone can lead you to her!! I have just had a few moments to do a bit of blog happing after a long break and I have found your amazing brooches. They are absolutely wonderful!!!! i have a question about the little ribbon roses that you created on each and I am wondering if you could tell me what they are called and then I could track down directions!!!
    I hope that you are enjoying a wonderful August so far!!! Hugs!

  2. I hope she steps forward. It would be a shame to miss out. I wish people would always have a way of us responding to them.

  3. I just so happen to have her as a friend on Facebook so I posted to her wall that you are looking for her!

  4. Hi Pat, Connie's away with her children on vacation. Her email add: RainbowRose(underscore)Connie(at)hotmail.com

    She's be absolutely elated to know she's won your brooch. Please don't give up on her.


  5. And Elated,,,I AM!!!!!! I do so apologize sooo much for not getting back sooner. and WHAT A WONDERFUL surprise!!!! Thank you oh so much Pat!!!

    My grand daughters and I LOVE the brooch. Especially the way the little turtle is swimming upwards :)

    Thank you again sooo much!!!


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