Sunday, August 08, 2010

Kinda funny story

Last night when I got home I decided to dye the cotton bits and pieces of tag sale finds and doily's. I needed to play with color and that was a quick fix. I placed the rinsed items on foam plates and stacked them on the dryer until morning because it was too dark to lay on the deck furniture. About an hour before leaving this morning I carefully arranged them on the table and chairs grouping them by color. When I walked outside to leave the deck was speckled with strewn about colorful pieces of cloth. Foam plates were in the driveway, under the shrubs, in the garden and green silk ribbon were hanging from the Autumn Clematis. It was too funny not to laugh at my failed drying plan. I ran around gathering them up while laughing and trying to talk on the phone. I felt like I was on an Easter egg hunt. I actually found a small piece of lace hanging in grandma's Rose of Sharon tree by the class room. It truly was a comical sight. Surprisingly most of them were already dry. Imagine these blown around your yard....As you can see I just tossed them all in a pile in the studio and there they sit, ready to iron and put away until one by one they cry out to be used. I'm taking the squirrels cue and stocking supplies for winter. I think it will arrive early this year. It sure feels like Autumn is very close even though it is only the first week of Aug. The weather is still hot but something in the air hints that Autumn is closer than we think.

Thank you for the advice and messages on my finger problem. It is still swollen but there isn't pain and I am taking off tomorrow from painting to run errands and continue on Tuesday. I saw a finger cooling pad at CVS pharmacy a month or so ago and will try that for the swelling. I know I shouldn't complain, I was just curious if I was starting to get arthritis. My grandmother had it pretty bad and she sewed a lot of quilts, gardened, and worked hard too. It's in the Kinser blood I guess.
Well my friends I am off to dream land and I will catch you later.


  1. Your funny story made me laugh because it reminded me of something that happened here a couple of years ago. We hang our laundry outside to dry in the summer and apparently I didn't miss one of my bras...until I found it at least a week later, hanging in the bush in plain sight of our neighbours back door.

  2. Thank you for the laugh - but I assure you, it wasn't at your expense. That sounds just like something I would do! I'm glad you were able to retireve them and they look wonderful all jumbled up together. I am fairly new to your blog so I'm curious about your drying process and hope you will speak more about it in the future.

  3. Pat, don't accept the arthritis even if it is in your blood line. Keep telling yourself you do not have arthritis. It may sound silly, but I don't accept any illness and I keep telling myself that my body is healthy and perfect. Can't hurt, and it may help.
    By the way I loved all the pretties you gathered up over the yard.
    Hugs, Pat

  4. Good thing you were able to gather them quickly - imagine getting home hours later and finding them all gone - whisked away to be curious findings by neighbors.

    The colors are so vivid! I can't wait to try my hand at dyeing bits and pieces, muslin strips, etc. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with me!

  5. If I had been the dyer, I probably would have freaked at finding the pieces scattered everywhere, but if I were to walk out right now and find bits and pieces in the bushes and hanging on branches, in flower beds and whatever, it would have been a delightful surprise! Just like getting presents from Nature.

  6. Glorious dyed bits Pat!! I can see you running about the yard picking things up- the definition of air drying!!!! I was dyeing fabrics one day and was laying the fabrics out on top of bushes in the back yard, I was also using paper towels to clean up spills and had those drying a s well. I looked out and saw Buddy running by with a dyed paper towel in his mouth and chasing another one!!! Can't let our guard down for a moment!!!
    Glad to hear that you don't have any pain! Try to relax your grip on that roller if you can!!!

  7. Glad your finger is not paining you. Funny that I just this morning said to Mr. C that our weather sure feels like autumn. We have had perfect climate in the 80's. Happy resting...

  8. Pat - it would have been great if you could have joined me at the Canberra Craft & quilt Fair. The Best of Show was an amazing crazy quilted Zodiac quilt which you would have loved. I shall see if I can email it to you. A little tossing in the air of lace and doilies does wonders!
    Don't overdo the hands - we expect them to do everything everytime we want but they need nurturing too!

  9. I just said the other day there is alittle autumn in the wind even though its hot, I could feel it in the breeze. Glad you found all your dyed pieces all around. Sorry to hear you're painting again. Hope its done soon. Leslie

  10. Know what I think happened? The squirrels just liked your colorful laces so much they thought their garden needed a decorative touch.
    Cute story, Pat. It's a good thing a Big Wind didn't blow up or your pretties would be in Lake Michigan!
    Love the colors!
    Hugs, diane


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