Monday, August 16, 2010

I'm back!

WOW! What a busy time I have had since my last post. Windows 7 is installed and I love it so far. Brighter and more user friendly I think. However when backing up my files I forgot to backup my mail and lost everything including email addresses. So, if we usually email each other please jot me a line so I will have your address in my files again. Thank you.

Just before my last post a deer hit my car on the way home from Valpo. I was less than a mile from home and it ran right into the driver's side door, broke my windshield,took off my left mirror and dented the door. I was only driving about 45 mph because that area is known to be a heavy deer crossing. If I would have been going faster he probably would have missed me.Other than having the ga-jeebies scared out of my from the impact I am fine. This was my first encounter with a deer and I don't want anymore. The deer was standing when I took a quick look back so it is probably ok, I hope so anyway. A friend said since it ran into me and the car didn't run into it, it most likely will survive. Whew!

When I went to visit "Trisha's Needlework Studio" a few weeks ago, Trisha gave me a couple of the large barrel beads she had leftover from macrame. I made her a pendant with one and popped it in the mail this morning. She doesn't get online so I can share it with you. I used a tiny pansy image to represent friendship.Yesterday I felt like celebrating the last of painting so I asked mom if she wanted to hop over to the junk shop for a browse. It was very humid and hot so I knew it wouldn't be a long stay. I reluctantly climbed the stairs and felt it getting unbearably hotter but my curiosity was up and I had to continue. I am so glad I did because sitting in the middle of the floor was a beautiful battered old trunk. I ran down and asked the price expecting it to be close to $75 and the gal said how about $7? Um....well....okee dokee, it's mine. I will take a picture this evening to share.

This morning I took mom to the beach. I had to take advantage of the 65 degree temperature. It was gorgeous weather. The lake was beautiful with the waves rushing to shore. We rarely get to see the large waves so this was a treat.When we were small and went to the beach all the time I remember mom telling us about undertows and how they carry you under and trap you in a sandy cave. Every time I saw a wave like this....

with sand being carried to shore it scared me and I stayed on the beach playing in the sand thinking if I stepped even a toe into the water it would carry me into the sandy cave. That warning certainly was not wasted on me.

After I dropped mom off this morning I worked outside. My garden needs a major cut back and this weather is perfect for that but I am so not in the mood. I rarely put things off until tomorrow, but this is one task that will wait. Tomorrow is supposed to be the same with low humidity so all is well.

My CQ friend, Pam Kellogg invited me to be the Guest on her blog this month. She is a very talented gal who is as sweet as they come. Please check out the post, her blog,her etsy offerings, and enter for the brooch giveaway if you like. Thank you Pam, it was a privileged to be your August Guest.

Until next time, have a great day and stop to smell the roses!


  1. Tisha said you were making her one, and she's going to love it! She described your bead necklaces, but now that I see it, I know what she meant! It's beautiful Pat, isn't she just the most special person!?

  2. hahaha ~ I used to think the same thing ~ one toe in the water and I was a goner!But let me back up .....thank God you werent hurt with the deer hit! My golly ~ that's scary! I have had alot of close calls ~ the driving too fast part probaly saved me ~ lol! I loved reading the interview on Pam's site ~ I tried to comment but couldnt find the comment button ~ I will try again.Have fun with the cool weather! We has it this week-end and it was heavenly!!!

  3. Glad you only scared and not injured... Love the necklace and that must be a pretty good sized bead.. Seems like I just got everything in shape and like you, I am thinking I'd better start thinking fall... will go to Pam's site. Gerry K.

  4. I love the pendant! Beautiful work as always!!!

  5. The brooch is lovely as is all your work. I know she will love it as I do mine.
    Wish you could ship some of that 65 degree weather to Fort Worth. We are burning up here. I think we are getting a cold front HaHa maybe we will get into the 90's.
    Have a great day in the morning with you gardening.
    Hugs, Pat

  6. That's a beautiful pendant! How big is it? At first I thought it was a pillow or something larger. Connie

  7. Sorry to hear about your run in. I bet that was an eye opener! But don't second guess yourself, it was going to happen.

    I read the interview at Pam's this morning. I thought you both did a great job. It's nice to find out new things about people you kind of know. LOL.

    I'm also very glad to hear that you are spending time with your mom. Your story helps me to remember and smile - thanks.

    Love the pendant. I'm also wondering how big it is. Or maybe just how tiny your stitches are.

    The beach looks so inviting...waves, sandy cave, and all. :-)

  8. Very thankful you are doing well after your being hit by the deer. We live with that danger here too. Your newest bead is amazing. Happy creating...

  9. I love what you have done with that bead. I love pansies (I called them face flowers when I was little) still do! I have to ask how big is that bead? I would love to try something like that but really don't have a clue. Also where did you find that tiny pansy print? I am being terribly nosy...shame on me. But my mom said always ask if you really want to know. Your beach looks wonderful.

  10. What a week you have had!!! So glad that youw ere not hurt by your Deer encouter!!!! What a shock though!!!
    I was actually able to pull some weeds this morning without becoming drenched in sweat- amazing!! i hope that the lovely weather that youa re having is headed our way!! My Sweet Autumn Clematis is about to bloom and the toad lillies are budding!!! The fall rose show is about to begin!!
    How cool is surf on the lake!!! Extra friction f=to smooth those wonderful mermaid tears!!!

  11. I must thank you for sending us over to Pam's fabulous blog!!! Not sure why I had not found it before??!
    That was a wonderful article that you wrote for her and I love seeing so many examples of your lucious creations all in one post !! What a treat!!! I did not realize that you ahd won the big QUilting Mag prize- must say taht I am not surprised however. It was so exciting to see your work recognized yet again by PieceWork.!! It can't help but stop people in their tracks!!!
    Big Hugs!!

  12. Welcome back - we missed you! So glad you weren't hurt in the tangle with the deer. Seeing your lovely bead makes me seriously regret just having gotten rid of a bunch of those beads - I simply couldn't think of a use for them. I could have sent them to you!!

  13. I've just popped back to you from Kitty & me, I have enjoyed looking at her blog which is new to me and I especially enjoyed reading the interview. I never tire of seeing your work you really are inspirational! Sorry to hear about the deer that must have been a terrific shock, one of my cats was hit by a vehicle 2 weeks ago and amazingly managed to stagger home. He had 2 ruptures, air leaking from his lungs to his chest cavity, detached muscle and a rib a badly damaged leg and torn ligaments. He had a 4 hour operation and is doing well although his left rear leg will be bandaged and with a splint for another 3 weeks at least. I do wonder about the driver though they must have had a real scare.


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