Sunday, August 22, 2010

Enjoying a cool evening on the porch

Yesterday afternoon when it cooled off I gathered some little projects and finished them on the front porch swing. A slight breeze was very welcome as I sat and enjoyed my iced green tea. I embellished my brooches as I watched several birds splash around the birdbath. I never realized how much noisier they are when flying with wet wings. I imagine it is quite a workout lifting water soaked wings in flight. They landed in the service berry tree next to the porch waiting to take another turn in the freshly filled bath. I was hidden from sight behind the Wisteria vine threatening to take over the porch. I will leave the vine until it looses its leaves before trimming back so I can hopefully enjoy more bird frolics. I should keep my camera handy. There were four bathers at a time, a rarity around here.

The brooches are now finished and ready for etsy or artfire sometime today.The purple one is for a friend :-)

It is still nice out so I must get into something. My poor garden is in need of major help. Any volunteers???? :-) (I wish)


  1. Hi Pat,
    Your brooches are lovely....
    So much creativity in such a small space.. Very nice.

  2. These are beautiful! Just love them!

  3. Too humid in Northern Indiana to mess in the garden so, sorry, I'm not volunteering ~lol~

    Pat, every one is beautiful. I am especially fond of the picture in the orange one. I absolutely LOVE that girl!!!

  4. Pat, a second thought...I the organge girl available in a bliss kit?

  5. Hi Pat! All of these are gorgeous creations! I, like Carol, am fond of the orange one too! Just visited your Etsy. Have a sunshiney day! ~ Angela

  6. They look wonderful Pat, have a nice week. Maybe the garden fairies will appear tonight and pull all those weeds for you?

  7. These wonderful brooches are just stunning- love them!!!! My garden is truggling along as well- I think that it is due to all of the high temps! I ahve alot of work to do but it is still too darn hot and humid here!!!
    I just love watching the ibrds playing in the bird bath- I ahve 3 of the bathing areas in the yard and would love a few more!!!!!

  8. They ar so pretty .Your work is alway so nice.I will be back Laura

  9. Your brooches are absolutely gorgeous. Lucky friend. Such sweet faces and beautiful stitching.
    The 6 elk just polished off my zucchini plants before DH chased them off. You really don't want to hear what I said. I am trying to remain a lady after all! LOL
    Oh how I wish we were closer, I'd come and swing with you and watch the birds. Happy evening!!

  10. Pat, Your brooches are just beautiful. I love them all. What beauties! Ohhh I would love to help you in the garden and admire all your lovely plants and blooms, especially the wisteria. OK, I'm going to check out your shop now!

  11. Oh Pat! Your brooches are simply gorgeous! I particularly like the purple one, then the pink, then the turquoise and then the orange...Who says I can't mak my mind up? He He!
    Lucky friend being the recipeint of the purple brooch!
    Keep it coming!

    Sandie xx

  12. Omg these are so feminine so artistic,so very beautiful!


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