Monday, August 16, 2010

Crazy quilt covered barrel bead tutorial

After many inquiries today about the size and construction of the CQ covered macrame bead I thought I would share the tutorial I did a year or two ago. The wooden barrel bead is 2" long.

This is the finished pendant in this tutorial..........Find a wooden barrel bead (left over from macrame projects) A comfortable size to work with is the 2 inch size. Trace the bead width and length onto muslin by rolling it and marking with pen leaving a little extra all around to be trimmed later..
Crazy quilt the muslin piece. I used the five sided center piece which in this project is a black velvet. Don't forget to trim every seam before flipping and adding another fabric. Being a small project, you can't afford any extra bulk.
Gather tiny embellishments such as petite beads, tiny charms, sequins,2mm & 4mm silk ribbon.
Start embellishing.
Trim edges leaving a little to tuck into hole in bead. Test the length then glue the center of CQ onto bead using a tacky glue. (E6000 leaves a lingering unpleasant odor on fabric)
Work the narrowing top and bottom edge into the holes poking the fabric neatly with a turning tool or pencil.Feed a cord or chain through the hole. Poke it if necessary.Add lace, yo yo's, or something flower shaped or round to each end to cover tucked ends and glue. I used vintage organza flower applique's which I dyed. Add a larger bead on the top. String 2 very long bugle beads then add a pretty flower or leaf bead then go back through bugle beads to secure. Continue this using various beads or pearls making 5 of these to hang from the bottom.I've also used this same process to cover a small gum tin to use as a MOO card holder.
I hope you try this or turn it into something with your own twist. Enjoy!


  1. Pat you are the best, most generous and thoughtful artist. Thank you for sharing your tutorial on this beautiful bead. Happy crazy quilting...

  2. I think I just threw a bunch of these bead away! I always do stuff like that. I will try to find some and try this it looks great. Now I have a question twice today I have read the term MOO, what is that?

  3. Yes Pat, what is MOO? I love this project, I think I have some of these beads if I can remember what I did with them! Thanks!

  4. Thanks so much for the tutorial, Pat. I can't even imagine working with something that small (as I look at my pinky and shake my head).

    Love the MOO holder too.

  5. Now I'm doubly put out that I got rid of those beads!! This tutorial is great. (hmmm - I wonder if the thrift store would still have them and I could buy them back??)

  6. Hmmm...I think I have some beads like that somewhere. What a great incentive to do just a "little" CQ! Thanks for the tute!

  7. Hi Pat
    This is so cute!! Would make a cool adornment for a CQ purse, wouldn't it.

  8. Oh my gosh, Pat! This is incredible! It's a great take-away project - not a lot to carry! Beautiful!
    Hugs, Diane

  9. This is so awesome! Thanks for sharing your technique with us!

  10. As a former quilter I have lots of 5" squares and batiks that would be perfect for this. & of course plenty of beads to embellish!

  11. Hi Pat,

    Could you please tell me what I might find the 2" long wooden barrel beads? I knitted a backpack 2 years ago for my granddaughter and have been looking for a large wooden barrel bead to thread the I-Cords through.
    Would really appreciate any info you might share.
    Thank you,
    Debbie Hutchinson


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