Sunday, August 29, 2010

Checking in

I went to visit mom Friday afternoon and found her on the floor. Apparently she had slipped off the couch and was too weak to get up. I spent the night and managed to get her temp down from 103.3 to 98 by morning with the help of alcohol rubs and an electrolyte drink. I stayed with her most of yesterday until she was walking and talking again. This" thing" really did her in. If she hasn't eaten by tomorrow she goes to the Dr. No matter what. I do understand her reasons for not wanting to go because Doctors have done nothing to help me or anyone in my family. It has always been a guessing game with and a huge waste of time and jumping through hoops. However she needs to eat. I'm heading over there soon although she sounded good on the phone this morning. If I could only get her to eat something soft.

Friday afternoon before I went to mom's while I was selfishly taking "ME" time, I finished several brooches. I just listed some on etsy and some on artfire. Here they are........
creamy/ pink (my fav)

Olde Rose

Periwinkle girl forget-me-nots

Blue vintage girl (blurry pic)

Purple friends or sisters

Aqua girl with red roses

Lime green/yellow Fairy
Pink Girl
I must check my email and head to mom's. Thank goodness for small projects to keep us sane.
Hope your weekend is a pleasant one.


  1. The brooches are stunning! I am so sorry about your mom. Bless her heart. I will send a prayer out:)

  2. I am hoping that your mom will be better soon. This has really taken its toll on her. Your brooches are lovely. Take care.

  3. My prayers for your mother Pat, I hope she starts to feel better soon. Your brooches are so pretty, keeping ones mind and hand occupied is excellent therapy.
    We went to Metamora yesterday and saw the beautiful necklace you did for her in person. How pretty, Tish is sooo proud of it!

  4. Even more important than food is water... Went through similiar thing with my mom(90) 2 years ago..wasn't hungry and wouldn't eat and not drinking enough water... ABSOLUTELY REFUSED to go to the dr... I finally bypassed the dr. and took her to the hospital... She had a high fever was so dehydrated her kidneys were failing... Good luck and don;t be afraid to make an unpopular decision.... Hugs Gerry....

  5. Anonymous2:58 PM CDT

    I sure agree with Gerry. Also maybe some organic beef broth, or veg. broth. Hope she is better soon. What a scare!! Suzie in Idaho

  6. I Pat I sure hope your mom gets to feeling better soon. Try some yogurt. My mom had the same thing happen to her about 2months ago and we gave her yogurt with live cultures in it. The acedolpholous(not sure on the spelling) will help to put her tummy back in line and is light also. Hope this helps you some.

  7. Hope your Mother is better today. Blessings.

  8. Prayers are being sent your way for peace and healing. The kit I ordered from you last week will be one of those little projects that go along with me on my caretaking duties as well. Wishing you and your mother a better week! ~ Angela

  9. I'm so sorry to hear about your mom. You must have been so worried. Prayers said for you both.
    The brooches are lovely!
    Patricia :o)

  10. My heart goes out to you, Pat.
    I will think Positive Thoughts for both your Mom and you.

    take care,
    Hugs & ♥♥♥s,

  11. Hi Pat, I do hope your Moms' o.k now, it's so worrying when they take ill, especially if you don't get the support and treatment they need from the people you expect it from!

    Take care, don't forget to look out for yourself too!

    Sandie xx

  12. Sending healing thoughts your way Pat - hopefully your Mom will be feeling much better soon.

  13. Hi Pat, I'm so sorry to hear that your mom has been so ill. Please know that I have you both in my thoughts and prayers. I hope you can get her to eat a little.

    And I must say, your brooches are absolutely incredible!!!! I'll post a mention on my Facebook page. They're gorgeous!

  14. Hi Pat,
    Hope your Mom is feeling better, its scary to be alone if you're ill, she is so lucky to have you taking care of her.
    Your brooches are divine!
    Best wishes,.

  15. These are all so beautiful! I tried my hand at making my own needle felted projects this evening and broke 7 needles. Talk about an expensive project. Yikes.....


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