Friday, August 27, 2010

Busy days! Classes, egg-citement with mom

Tuesday and Wednesday just flew by like a hummingbird on a mission. I had the pleasure to meet a dear online friend, Jan, who came for classes with her friend Karen. Such sweet and talented ladies. They brought lots of show and tell that had my head whirling. Beautiful embroidered bags,hand painted china,knitted & beaded scarves and beaded purses. We spent two days playing in the class room and in the shade with a soft breeze dyeing. The time passed much too quickly. We said our goodbyes and I felt like I was bidding farewell to family. They said they will return next year and I already have made plans for an outing. I miss you two!!!!

Yesterday when I was talking to mom on the phone all of a sudden she said she thinks she is having a heart attack. I told her to take an aspirin and I'd be right there. As I ran to change from my nightshirt to any nearby clothing I was dialing my brother who lived next answer. In a panic I sped to her house. She was sitting in a chair feeling better but in pain. She refused to go to the doctor and I could tell she meant it so I just started asking a million
questions and she had all the symptoms of Salmonella. The pain (cramps) in the upper stomach took her breath and she thought it was her heart. I had remembered the Dr. telling me if the pain is in your heart, it is not the heart that is the problem so I was somewhat relieved when she told me that. Anyway....we believe it was the two sunny meadow eggs she ate just before the recall. I threw the eggs in the trash breaking each one. What a morning! Last night I phoned and my brother said she was chilled and had a fever so I do think she has Salmonella but she refuses to go to the Doctor. The only reason I won't pick her up and take her is because they can't do anything for her and why put her through the trip and waiting room stress. I'm headed over
there in a bit to check on her myself.

If you think you are safe from the tainted eggs, think again. Toss out your eggs unless they have been pasteurized.Don't boil them and think you will be fine like the media announces. It is terribly painful and such an unpleasant illness to witness let alone experience. My eggs are getting broken and tossed in a few minutes. I don't have cartons because I transfer eggs to the fridge compartment immediately but I'm not taking the chance of having the guys heaving in pain for days.

Other than that...we have been having some beautiful days of temps in the 70's. I made several felted brooches last night on the porch trying to relax a bit. Here is a peek of Olde Rose....
I will share the others soon.
Have a great day!


  1. blinkbonniefarm6:32 AM CDT

    Oh, your poor Mom! That must have been terrible for her and you also. I hope she is feeling better today. --Pat

  2. How horrible for you both! I hope your mom is on the mend soon..and going right now to throw my eggs out too...thank goodness we have been too busy to eat any so it's no big loss...compared to the loss of fun-time we could be having! Take care...Beth
    OH and thank you for the post yesterday...I fell in love with Miss Gerry's blog!

  3. Hi Pat, I hope your mom feels better soon.

  4. I hope your Mom is feeling better today - what a scary thing! We are forced to put our trust in the food industry and when something like this happens, it certainly makes us stop and think. Give her a hug from me!

  5. Oh my goodness what a scare - your poor poor mum

  6. I'm sorry you had food poisoning from the eggs.It must have been awful, and so worrying too.hope you are feeling better soon.

  7. Oh, Pat, how frightening! And so unnecessary in this country where if people did their jobs with more responsibility we wouldn't have to worry about things like this happening. I hope your mom will feel better quickly.
    Blessings and get well hugs for her!

  8. I am so glad to hear your mom is better. What a fright for you. Both of you take care. I am thinking of you.

  9. Hello pat,
    I hope your mom is feeling better by the time I post this reply,
    Eggs can be very dodgy; here in the UK all chickens have to be tested for salmonella thus hopefully keeping the eggs free of it,
    Hope your weekend and your moms gets better,

    Take Care
    Hugs Pam


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