Sunday, August 08, 2010

Arthur Rightus?

Can it be? Has Arthur Rightus found me?

I'm not sure but I think arthritis has set in my" stitching finger". I'm hoping it is from painting all day yesterday but I am kinda thinking it isn't. It was a bit swollen last night after returning from a long day of painting . I know I hold the roller too tight but I can't paint otherwise.

This morning my finger is twice the normal size and tight. It doesn't hurt or I wouldn't be typing but it is hard to bend. I am heading back for another day of painting so we will see what happens. Does anyone know if this sounds like arthritis or just over worked phalanges?
I am sadly missing the Art Fair this year because I want this job to be finished as soon as possible so I can enjoy upcoming classes . I wish I could do both and had hoped to finish earlier yesterday to attend for a quick walk about however DH was working with me doing odd jobs and it was fun working together so I continued painting.

I've gotta get going, late start today. I would much rather be walking along the shore........... I hope you are having beautiful weather and a blissful weekend wherever you may be.


  1. Hi Pat...
    Sorry to hear about your"stitching Finger"
    It is probably just tired since you were using it all day..
    Let's hope so. I can't imagine anything getting in the way of what you do with the needle and thread...
    Good thoughts coming your way..

  2. Take some Advil (deals with swelling) if you ahve pain take Arthritis strength Tylenol. I agree with Maggie- sounds like overuse and a tight grip issue to me!!!!
    You must take careful care of that stitching finger!! Ever thought of insuring it????

  3. Oh no Pat! Sorry to hear, I bet you have just overworked it. Sounds like you need rest not more painting. Take care, hope it gets better soon! Enjoying a little cooler morning here today. Finally! :-)

  4. We cannot let anything get in the way of your beautiful stitching! I'm going with too much roller painting and that is why your finger is swollen and painful. I take glucosomine for my joints and it has worked magic. Ice for the swelling. You know I have been Nurse Ratchet (Wretched) for my husband for a week so far with his knee surgery. Get better...

  5. I have rheumatoid arthrits, when I have a joint in a "Flare" it is usually, HOT! Red and swollen and hurts like the dickens. 2 days later it will be fine and you would never know it had ever hurt!

  6. Oh dear, Pat. My problem last night was a blister from pruning bushes!
    Wish I could help you! Today my feet hurt! LOL!
    Where's my walker? ;-)
    Bless you!

  7. I have been diagnosed with osteoarthritis (doctor said the old term was “rheumatism”). It has set into my hands and feet. And, it gets worse with overuse. Yours may just calm down with Advil (good advice from Elizabeth, it’s how I treated mine in the initial stages). If I’m on the computer too long, do too much stitching or cutting (rotary or manual), my hands ache, swell and go stiff. Can’t make a fist. Repetition is hard on your joints. I’ve just learned to adapt, which is what aging is all about, I guess. I’m in my mid-fifties now, and the problems started when I was in my late forties. When it gets worse, consult your doctor. I’m on Meloxicam and it helps. When on it, my ankles are fine - I walk three miles 3-4 times per week. Just treat the symptoms and move on! Good luck Pat! Remember what they say - “Old age isn’t for sissies”. Hugs, Cathy

  8. I have arthritis (diagnosed) in two fingers of my left hand and other parts of this old body. It hurts day in an day out and I try to just put it out of my mind. I think you should have some pain if it's arthritis. I just keep using my hand anyway and keep the rest movin'!

  9. Take your Omega 3 if you don't but only certain brands are good. When I go downstairs I will look in the fridge @ the one I take ~ if I move now Teddi will wake up and I am having a brain freeze as to what the name is LOL!

  10. Pat, it doesn't particularly sound like arthritis to me, in one finger only? If that was me I'd be popping along to the doctor just to be sure it's not a blood clot from an injury? Clots can move around quite quickly and cause problems, so best to be safe. Hope it gets better soon,
    Hugs from across the Pacific
    Hooroo from Christine

  11. It sounds like osteoarthritis--I have it. One day you're fine and the next your joint is swollen and painfull. Nothing they can do about it-sorry to say-but take some Aleve or Motrin.


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